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Tabloids: Terence hit the spot! You guys are f**ked up!

our new pup!: Even he thinks the tabloids suck dick!

how are you heads out there?

topic of the moment: tabloids in HK

T-Dawg's right..ALL TABLOIDS are f**ked

With surmounting pressure to get tabloids to curb their ways.. all tabloids should be accounted for not just the ones in the limelight at the moment! A pretty good way to start stopping th...Read more

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HK entertainment print media | 香港的娛樂印刷媒體

How you guys going? Finally again I get some time to get back here! It's been madness for me in the last month and a half! Had so many good friends from overseas coming to HK to work on some projects! HK entertainment print media. What can I say like all other traditional media's are starting to fade! Internet is the power! e.g alivenotdead.com first day 500,000 hits, first month 20 million hits, tila tequila 250 million hits!! Freedom of speech is a very important thing and I believe all media has that right!...Read more

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4 Heavenly Mutated Actor Kings | 四大千變天王

See all the other boys have written about they're what-ups about the movie and the process.. here's my babble! It has been 3 hard long years.. which will remain in my life forever!! It's probably the best fun I've had in the entertainment industry here in HK! Four Buds just doing it!!! There were so many times when Alive and the Heavenly Kings project could of broken down but we have a tight crew that stuck to it's guns!!! Kudos to all those who were involved.. Chan Phat&Chan Kim: for putting in...Read more

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Peace!!!!! | 和平!!!!!

My God!!! it has been a long time!!! I am Still ALIVE What can I say I've been going through a rough patch these last couple of months!! Just working on a few projects at the moment.. -X-Federation and Nike crossover Angus sneaker premiere launch in HK.. it's selling in asia already but we'll still launch for this summer in HK! Check out your local retailer!! -something musically.. side project! -also MTV's for Josie's new album The Album is produced by Paul Wong-Beyond, HK Rock Legend Got some dope directors on aboar...Read more

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to older fans..haha! | 致老「粉絲」…哈哈!

didn't realise there was a MJ joke running on me.. hahaha!! Anyway good to see you guys..er.. girls again..

  • DanielsGirl (US)

  • Lynn (SP)

  • Miss_b (OZ)

  • Willa (OZ)

  • Joanne (London)

  • Tinlunlau (Canada)

  • Anita (US)

  • Michelle (MY)

  • Leely (MY)

  • Shorty (NZ)

  • luv_freedom17 (SG)

  • lou (US)

  • GirlWonder (US)

The ALive boy...Read more

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To my 10yr old fan | 致我十歲大的「粉絲」

Really appreciate your blog to me! I am really happy that you find me very funny and entertaining! I have a very special clip for you and I hope it will inspire you to grow up to be free! Please go to this web address (it really inspired me as well):


It is a video of a 12yr/old boy playing a drum solo!! All my best to you!! Peace Conro...Read more

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Big Peace for 2006!! | 祝2006超和平!!

Peace Y'all, Hope all you heads out there have a chillin 2006! yep.. getting a holiday soon, really look forward to talking to you all again! Still filming, working.. Happy Chinese New Year Alive Boys wishing you all our peace for 2006 C                                                                                                                

世界和平!!希望你們全都有個超勁的2006!  好嘢…馬上就是假期了,真高興能再跟你們聊天!  還在拍戲,工作…  新春佳節快樂!  全體Alive祝你們有個平安的2006!!  子聰   

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Tired but Happy!!! | 累都開心

chinese sith lord: I am your father! ...gasp.... I am tired.... gasp..... zzzzzzzzz!!!!!

chinese sith lord: I am your father! ...gasp.... I am tired.... gasp..... zzzzzzzzz!!!!!

How the f**k are you guys doing? It's been such a looooong time!!!! Beens so busy I need to take a break!!!!!! I've been shooting Stephen Fung's new TV series, Jackie Chan's new movie, just held the rip curl cup surf event, on metro radio every sunday to talk about action sports, pre-product...Read more

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Music: shooting the sh*t (credibility) | 亂槍掃射(公認的好)

Alright!! Had brilliant response on the last sessions!!! You guys out there have a really broad listening spectrum!!! I even saw rammstien in the list of music you like!!!! Before I get into the other topic, a question I want to see everyone answer What do you want Alive to sing? Now to session 2! Anyway this topic is a very juicy one and one that started with our own musical abilities. Do you need to be a very technical singer or outstanding musician to be credible? (Canto-pop back in the day required you ...Read more

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Long time no talk! | 好耐未傾過!

Peace Everybody!!!! I'm still here!!!! Just been super busy!! But I've been dying to get back here and chat with you guys!! What have I been doing lately? Well we finally got Hong Kong's first ever skateboard and inline aggressive team on to the olympic family!!! Congratulations to Warren Stuart(HK skateboarding's head coach) and Alan Mak (HK aggressive inline's head coach) and all the boys competing in the up and coming indoor Thailand games! Ride hard and have fun!! Talking about doing a TV series soon Workin...Read more

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