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CONTROL 控制 Premiere 首映 Road tour 路演

Just came back to Hong Kong from the Premiere of Control in Beijing and our promo tour with Daniel and the stars in the film. CONTROL is playing in cinemas in China now. Go see it!!!

Beijing PremiereYao Chen, Daniel Wu and An YiXuanAn YiXuan and meLeon Dai, Simon Yam, Yao Chen, Me and Daniel WuYao Chen and Daniel WuHao Bo Jie and Leon DaiAn YiXuan and meDaniel Wu, me, Stephen Fung, An YiXuan, Yao Chen, Simon Yam, Leon Dai and Hao Bo JieMe and Jack Messitt, Control's original writer, who came all the way from the USFeng Shao Feng, An YiXuan, Nini (star of Zhan YiMou's The Flowers of War), Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung and Wang Zhong Lei (boss of Huayi Brothers)Road tour promotionsNickson Fong, VFX Supervisor, me, An YiXuan and Daniel

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Here's the new trailer for CONTROL. Video:

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Yesterday, my new film, Control had a big day. We held a press conference in Beijing.Video:[![](/attachments/2013/10/22/10/36157_201310221024104.thumb.jpg)](/ the event, a mysterious Voice controlled a randomly picked reporter and made him do all kinds of stuff, like turn to the right to hug the beautiful girl and walk forward 10 steps to retrieve a case,…ending up on the stage winning a brand new iphone 5s.Then we presented the four of the handsome men in the film. Simon Yam could not come to the press conference because of scheduling. Leon Dai, ShaoBing, Feng Jia Yi and Hao BoJie met with the press and discussed their parts in the film. Shao Bing talked about being totally controlled by his daughter.Event M.C., Leon Dai, Shao Bing, Hao BoJie and Jack Feng JiayiLeon DaiShao BingHao Bo JieJack Feng JiaYiDaniel WuEvent M.C., Kenneth Bi and Daniel WuDaniel and I then talked about our collaboration. Him controlling me as as producer and me controlling him as an actor….all in good fun.Yao ChenThen Yao Chen and Daniel talked about their collaboration, touching on their intimate scenes together. She said she brushed her teeth after each take to give him a pleasant experience.We also presented the two posters at the press conference announcing the auspicious release date of the film.
Outside the venue, we all posed for the 3D version of the teaser poster.
| 昨天,我們的新電影,<控制>有一個大日子.我們在北京舉行了一個新聞發佈會.Video:[![](/attachments/2013/10/22/10/36157_201310221024104.thumb.jpg)](/在發佈會上,一把神秘的聲音操控了一個隨意挑選的記者然後讓他做所有的事情,就像轉向右邊去擁抱那個漂亮的女孩子然後向前走10步去檢獲一個箱子...最后,結果在臺上贏取了一個嶄新的iPHONE 5S.然後我們介紹了片中的四個帥哥.任達華因為工作安排不能來到新聞發佈會.戴立忍,邵兵,馮嘉儀, 郝柏傑跟傳媒見面並討論了他們在電影中的角色.邵兵談到被他的女兒完全控制.發佈會主持,戴立忍,邵兵,郝柏傑和JACK馮嘉儀戴立忍邵兵郝柏傑JACK馮嘉儀DANIEL吳彥祖發佈會主持, KENNETH 畢和DANIEL吳彥祖

DANIEL和我談及我們的合作.他控制我作為一個製片人,而我控制他作為一個演員...都很有趣. 姚晨然後姚晨和DANIEL談及他們的合作,一起提及他們的親密場景.她說她每一個鏡頭之後都刷牙以給他一個愉快的經歷.我們還呈現在發佈會上的宣布了電影的幸運發表日期的兩張海報
| 昨天,我们的新电影,<控制>有一个大日子.我们在北京举行了一个新闻发佈会.Video:[![](/attachments/2013/10/22/10/36157_201310221024104.thumb.jpg)](/在发佈会上,一把神秘的声音操控了一个随意挑选的记者然后让他做所有的事情,就像转向右边去拥抱那个漂亮的女孩子然后向前走10步去检获一个箱子...最后,结果在台上赢取了一个崭新的iPHONE 5S.然后我们介绍了片中的四个帅哥.任达华因为工作安排不能来到新闻发佈会.戴立忍,邵兵,冯嘉仪, 郝柏杰跟传媒见面并讨论了他们在电影中的角色.邵兵谈到被他的女儿完全控制.发佈会主持,戴立忍,邵兵,郝柏杰和JACK冯嘉仪戴立忍邵兵郝柏杰JACK冯嘉仪DANIEL吴彦祖发佈会主持, KENNETH 毕和DANIEL吴彦祖

DANIEL和我谈及我们的合作.他控制我作为一个製片人,而我控制他作为一个演员...都很有趣. 姚晨然后姚晨和DANIEL谈及他们的合作,一起提及他们的亲密场景.她说她每一个镜头之后都刷牙以给他一个愉快的经历.我们还呈现在发佈会上的宣布了电影的幸运发表日期的两张海报 在发佈会的场所外,我们都为了首张海报的3D版本摆了姿势.

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My new film Control trailer 1 and 2 making of's

Here's the trailer and 1st and 2nd making of's for my new film Control, starring Daniel Wu, Yao Chen, Simon Yam, Leon Dai, Shao Bing, Kara Hui, Jack Feng and Hao Bo Jie. The film will be released in China on November 21st, 2013.


Video: Video: Video:

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Control Principal photography completed

My new film, , finished principal photography last Sunday. Thank you to the whole crew for all the hard work.

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Shooting in progress

Shooting my new film CONTROL.

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H Projects

Huayi Brothers announced its slate on 22 April, 2012 for 2012 and 2013 under the umbrella of H Projects. My project "Control" was also included in the announcement along with other directors like Tsui Hark, Stephen Fung, Feng Xiaogang, Pang Ho Cheung, Wu Ershan, Doze Niu and Korean director Kim Yong-hwa.

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