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pamelyn chee

@mappasenge @MaleMagazine thanks for your support guys! 😘😘

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orchardroad from the #glassmenagerie #singapore #singaporesadstories

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Ran into @william82sg after my Skin Rejuvenation Laser Treatment at #omedicalclinic #onlyaesthetics #zerodowntime 😉 Laser Skin Rejuvenation UP. $288 now 50% Call 6220 4434 to make an appt and quote: dontsaypamelynbojio 😘

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What looks like #love #爱你一万年 #天长地久 #singapore

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Catch #hboasiagrace oct 17 10pm ( 9pm thai/jkt) @hbo_asia #everyonefalls

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RT @thenewpaper: Actress @pamelynchee "I always like men who are not good-looking..."

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Most #chillax #jackrussell award goes to #pecan #dogs

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When They Brought Wolves Into The Park They Had No Idea This Would Be The Result (via @theSFGlobe)

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Tada!! Beneath every #toypoodle is a #gremlin if you shave him #botak 😆 #meesuah

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"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is."

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