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pamelyn chee

It's not the #redcamera, it's a #kfc #burger warmer. 😆 Meet the #genius #inventor @pyotyr 👏👏

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"In this world we walk on the roof of hell gazing at flowers".

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What's the point of having a stunt double If u can't 2X the torture? 😝 with eva, udey and jeremy the #photobomber #nongsabeach #batam #indonesia

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No it's not early #morning #zoukout even though it sounds like it - #office for the day 😝 #tranceparty not 😀 #nongsabeach #batam #indonesia

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Here we go again #吹海风

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This block is haunted, they say. Bullshit. Then I saw them legs - no body, just legs. #hdb #horrorstories #singapore

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The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

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At the @nuyousingapore photoshoot with @shaunleelee and @aarondecorum

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At the nuyousingapore photoshoot with shaunleelee and aarondecorum

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No I m not pretending to be a caterpillar 😆 Somebody taught me this #yogapose and it totally fixed the permanent knot in my shoulder 😊 !! #universalyoga so #grateful 🙏🙏

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pamelyn chee


Traditional Chinese Name 齊騛
City Other LA, Singapore
Birthday 06-03
Gender female

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