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Being busy has been healthy. Snowstorm in the burbs last week. Realizing that the seasons are a big deal for us.

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end of autumn

Wanted to clean out my camera so here are some old autumn photos to celebrate the end of autumn here in Northern New Jersey...

This is my Mom and my two nephews, Kyle and Zachary, this past weekend.

Me and Kyle.

I got to know Kyle a lot better because he can talk now. I also got to introduce Michael to my whole family, so it was a doubly great Thanksgiving. Everyone liked him and thought he was funny. He has the same general aura that my family members have; mellow but with a tendency to make a good joke or a biting statement once in a while. He and my bro compared notes on a common pet peeve they have about me; not sealing the cap firmly on juice cartons. I think this is something I'm going to have to fix.

This was my first time observing a three year old so closely. Kyle already speaks a lot. He attempts words like "ferocious" and gets it on the third try with some correcting (from 'ferosuss' to "feroshuss.") He loves saying, "pistachio!" over and over again. When I asked him if there are rabbits at his house he immediately told me about a chocolate bunny he ate.

I think Kyle has some natural verbal talent, which I get a kick out of b/c my brother was totally on the other side of it; he didn't talk a lot as a kid and even had to take speech correction classes, but he was really good at chess and computers. Anna, his wife, is naturally very talkative and articulate, and so am I. It makes sense that he met her through me (I take the credit, though I didn't set them up on a date!). I'm happy that they balance each other out in many ways.

I liked it that when Kyle doodled a bunch of messy lines on paper, he described it as something it really looked like: "a spiderweb with snakes inside" or "my dog's hair that he left here."

I liked it that he picked up a felt, cone-shaped Christmas cap, turned it upside down, put a rubber ball inside and said, "Look, it's ice-cream."

I liked that when I said to my cousin, "It's weird that he can speak so much already," he overheard and said, "YOU'RE weird!"

I laughed and then I realized that he was right. "Weird" is too ambiguous and generally negative a word. When I saw he wasn't laughing, I apologized to Kyle and said, "I meant I thought you were smart."

Children are our saviours; they save us from all kinds of grumpiness. They remind me to correct the negative in any way I can, and to share the positive!

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nephew pic

My brother took this photo of Kyle and Zach... this is my favorite so far.

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slamdance 2010

The good news is, I get to do some programming forSlamdancethis fall.

The bad news is if I know you and you're submitting, your film is off limits for me to judge!

(In any case, I think they've got a good crew of people putting in their votes.)

Here are some clips to celebrate some previousSlamdancediscoveries:

Video:,the short film that led to Napoleon Dynamite!

Video: Hot Ballroom

Video:,the first feature of Christopher Nolan (Memento/Dark Knight)

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Piermont, NY

M and I went up to Piermont this Sunday... a quaint Hudson River Valley town. perfect autumn weather!!!

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Nicholas, Rudy, Bruno, Summerstage, Chifa

Haven't blogged for a while so I decided to try and catch up on some things that have happened since I got my camera fixed, from the past month and a half.

Finally got some pix of Nicholas, one of Michael's puppies:

When his ears are up, Nicholas looks like a white rabbit:

When his ears are back, he looks like a baby polar bear. This is his growly baby polar bear look:

Now, this is Rudy, one of the cats: Rudy the visionary.

Rudy the diva. (Vogue, Vogue, Vogue!)

Michael and I went to see Bruno last night. We LOVED it. Sasha Baron Cohen is brilliant. BRILLIANT!!! What the world needs now... is more SBC!!! Also, Rowena and I went to see Anne Hathaway in Summerstage last week - as Viola in Twelfth Night. It was cool to see another version of the play we saw on Governor's Island last year. But since Anne Hathaway was in it, the line got extra crazy. We were there half an hour earlier than last year (7:15am) yet this time we didn't even get vouchers. Ended up sitting on our blanket for another 7 HOURS take our chances at standby.

In front of us sitting on their blanket were these two girls who started chatting with us. I couldn't believe their names were Wanda and Magnolia! Wanda and Magnolia, Wendy and Rowena.

They turned out to becool, so the seven hours flew by. In the beginning, we talked about Junot Diaz's bookThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which won the Pulitzer in 2007 and happens to mention both my hometowns (woo!) Edison, and Ridgewood, NJ ... it's about a 2nd generation Dominican kid (the girls turned out to be Dominican) growing up in Jersey who goes back to the island to seek out his roots. Anyone who wants to read a second-generation, transnational experience in a fun, modern voice should readOscar Wao... I just have to mention it b/c it was a really satisfying read for me!

(Diaz also wrote a short story included in his collection,Drown, calledEdison, NJ. Incidentally, Edison, my first hometown, was the first town in the continental US to have a Korean American mayor. He recently lost the election to an Italian!)

Finally, we got into the show to see Anne Hathaway, who was great as Viola. When you see her on stage, it's obvious what a unique talent she is. Too bad we couldn't take pix.

Back, back to Fourth of July. I happened to bump into the parade in my town, where I saw Miss New Jersey waving from a car![](/attachments/2009/07/14/03/23902_200907140325102.thumb.jpg) There's a feeling of total Americana in my suburb, where they have a big fireworks show every year, kicked off by parachuters who jump out of a plane and land on the grass in the field where the show is held. It's actually a pretty nice atmosphere.

A few weeks before that, I met up with writer Lisa Ko, who was staying in Allendale to finish a draft of her new book of short stories. We're both writing stuff that deals with growing up Chinese-American in New Jersey, so we had a lot to talk about!

We decided to check out Paterson, which surprisingly has the biggest Peruvian population in the US, to try out some local "chifa," or Peruvian-Chinese food. (Supposedly "chifa" comes from the words "chi fan.") Ended up at a little place on Main Street.

Breaded chicken in a lemon sauce...

The talented Lisa Ko! Lisa gave me a lot of inspiration and helpful advice to continue writing...

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"When you practice Buddhism, do not expect to be able to fly through the sky, penetrate material objects, or see the future. The main goal of the practice is to tame one's own mind, not to acquire miraculous powers. It so happens that when we do tame our mind we can, as a side-effect, gradually acquire powers that are said to be miraculous."                                                                                                          -- sayings of the Dalai Lama

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asian american chanteuses

i like seeing these four videos all side by side... various singers i have filched awarenesses of from various peoples online. (you know who you are.)

it feels kind of surreal to play all of them at the same time.

Video: Video:



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