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Imprint NYC, Soho Grand, MoCA and Alfa

Before I flew over to New York a few weeks ago, I found out about the Imprint conference on jeffstaple's blog here on Alive Not Dead.  Since there's such a great line up of speakers, I registered for this in advance before I left HK.  This conference began a few years ago in California to discuss Asian American Youth culture, but soon it evolved to focus on different creative disciplines and talks about how to execute and make those ideas into reality, which makes for some very interesting discussions. 

Here's a photo journey of my day in NYC for the Imprint conference near NYU.  During the day I got to listen to lots of great speakers who are 'pioneers' in their respective field, and then I went around to a few great events at night. 

This day started with the Imprint Culture Lab conference at the Center of Architecture on LaGuardia Place near NYU:

Speakers Paula Scher (Graphic Designer who designed the CITI group logo and many other famous designs) and Chip Kidd (Book cover designer)

For Lunch, they served us Wasabi Potato Salad and Asian Dogs (hot dogs with Asian toppings. )  The one in the picture is a Bánh mì (Vietnamese Sandwich) topped hotdog.

****Paul Budnitz (Founder of Kid Robot) talks about his toys.

Marc Echo and jeffstaple talks about the Barry Bonds Homerun ball that he bough for $750,000 and branded with an asteric on it before giving it to the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame

After the conference, I walked south across Houston (pictured here) through Soho ( South of Houston) to Chinatown in Downtown Manhattan

I got here to the newly opened Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA) in Chinatown.  I had volunteer many times for this museum and knows the founder and staff well.  So I ended up getting an invite to their evening Opening Gala event.

The Gala at the Museum was later that day, so I went over to the Imprint conference reception at the Soho Grand rootop Penthouse that has a 360 degree view.  It's a great boutique hotel with a nice penthouse for a party.

I stayed there a bit to chat with some folks and talked to the organizer who he told me that I traveled the furthest from HK to the conference.   Coincidentally I also bumped into my friend 'Uncle Chip' who was there to DJ the party that night.  Hanging out at a Penthouse and watching the Sunset over Manhattan was a definitely a good way to start the night. 

I had to leave the Imprint reception early to make the MoCA opening Gala.  This new place is designed by fame Architect Maya Lin (who also designed the Vietnam War memorial).  This place is beautiful inside.  It was great to see some familiar faces and some filmmaker friends there.

In there they have this wall of famous Asian Americans including...

Ang Lee...

The Legendary Bruce Lee...

And Alive Not Dead's MC Jin

As the banquet ends, I next ran off to 'The Bitterend' back at NYU to catch my friend singer Alfa Garcia's pre-birthday performance.  It was a great show but too bad I missed most of it due to my busy line up of events. 

Since NYC is full of great restaurants, I managed to end the night with a walk over to Mamou's Fallalfal place on McDougal for the best Fallafal in town.  There's always a line here cause they make the best Fallafal and sells it for only $2.75

All this was a great start to my trip in NY, and this was just during my first week there.  Too bad I broke the LCD on my Camera, but I still manged all those shots above without knowing what I was shooting.  The rest of the trip was amazing too, and I was able to take many more photo on that broken camera.  I actually like it now, it's like I'm shooting with a film camera, I don't knwo what I shot until I get home to 'develop' it on a computer.

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Photo 61114
MOCA?!?!?! So that's where those sly dogs went to!
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
I remember that moment! It was cool reading about him bidding for the ball.
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
You are a baller Chung =)
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
You were definitely using the FORCE to take those pictures! Actually I think that would be a FANTASTIC exercise just to see how good a photographer is OR as a challenge to see who can get the best picture without looking through the finder!
over 10 years ago
dude...I'm coming with you next time!
over 10 years ago
Wait, wait, wait.. back up. Hot dog with "Asian topping." What exactly does that mean?
over 10 years ago
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over 10 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
you know you've made it when you get museum plaques...
over 10 years ago
Photo 33405
awesome... what a view! dude, i love the falafels from mamoun's!
over 10 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
OMG, branding it with the asterisk before sending it to Cooperstown is so f\'ing brilliant. Awesome.
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