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5.2---unlock miii !

comin' up--- 5.2--Unlock Miiiiiitis is maine's lil charcat..there's always a story behind.its a lil rabbit actually bt dressed up as a lil cat,cute tho!kinda real for me n tis project!luv my lil sweet charcat babe^^unlock miii's lyrics---here we go to dear all^^thanks for all,25(doin' da great job for maine^^tony,harry n fishy for pickin such a cool song~ luv it!vic c,jelly jai,mormor,hebe,wallace,uncle 3,fai gor always there for me..katrina da greatest stylist ever--cool~ u got a style!edward n charles for the dope music~u rock man!mini for the lyrics--all da best^^thanks patrick So n Joby for always there supportin' ming jai^^reli appreciated!thanks to lil ming 2! hahhaa..keep it up! girl!here we go go gowit luv....special thanks to ryan,jaq,kit..tat's my crew...charcat figure is coming up soon!reli lookin for it!n also to ola aka sebestian from taiwan..wonderful painters...cant wait to c ur great pieces~comin' up 2moro---5/2---UNLOCK MIIIIIII by lil maine^^

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can't wait to hear it. you know you can sell it through AnD if you want! ;-)
about 15 years ago
Photo 346301
wow..tat's cool~
about 15 years ago
once again... thank u! U doing really good in the mv. Will show u very soon!
about 15 years ago
dope :)
about 15 years ago
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u a welcome la maine. support forever!
about 15 years ago
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hey stepki! hapi to c ya here! welcome to AnD family lol^^
about 15 years ago
Photo 319485
Cool Album Artwork!! Where can I check out your music? ~Shairah~
about 15 years ago


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