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my grandma

Two nights ago, I got a scary call from my mother stating that my grandma passed  out and had the albulance on their way to pick her up to take her to the hopital. I was so frighten and so many things were going through my mind, I had a dinner with her and my family earlier and she was perfectly fine. My grandma is everything to me we do everything together, she is like my other mom. My mom and I are more like sisters than anything. I am very spoiled from grandmother and everything I mostly have is because of her. I was relief when they a annouced she could go home.  The next day, I got dressed and went to visit her asap. We laughed, joked, and mostly talked about many things. I dont know what I would do if anything ever happen  to my grandma. She to be is still young she is in her sixtys. I am perfectly fine now. I am back on the road Friday.

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