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Well, here goes another year to enjoy and another year I hope to God will be good for me, I dont really know what my New Year Resolution will be except the most popular and obvious lose more weight. Which is always on top of the charts.  This year I hope to visit more places and try not to takes things for granted and of course not to take bull shit from anyone. Yes, I am sweet person and too trusting  and it never really does any good even when u have a heart made of gold. I hope to enjoy life more and live as if it is ur last. I get scared of getting older but u live like that than u wont ever get anywhere. I also hope to push myself more towards my dance and acting career and give it my all and never say I cant its not in my vocabulary anymore. Screw those who dont support me and bless those who do. If you cant support those than ur nobody because u will always live in regret and shame. I know there are times I just want to give up but if you do than ur just proving to those they won and I dont quit that easily. The road ahead is a bumpy road nothing never is smooth and goes in one direction. I have made alot of friends in person and here in Alive not Dead and I am thankful for coming across this site. I truly believe this site is way better than facebook and myspace and others I have came across. Hey if you dont agree dont reply or comment to tell me I have my my own opinions and afterall this is my blog we are talking about.  So, Maybe one day I will meet some of you in person and chill. I believe this world is too big just to have friends on the location u live at. I believe in friends worldwide. Well, thats it and hope everyone has a good new year. mwah

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