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starting to get busy

I am so excited and decided to share with you all why. I just recieved my schedule. I will be really busy starting next week. I will be performing many gigs for the singer whom I choreograph and dance for. Also, I will be going back to L.A California to take some dance classes with choreographer Chopper who helped choreograph the movies Stomp the yard and You got served. This will be  my second time taking classes with him, he is an awesome teacher and dancer. I am back on my strict diet which it will only allow me to be on it for two weeks and than a week off and than back on oh, well no one said trying to get into the industry is easy. But, atleast it keeps you in shape. The best thing is meeting people who have the same dreams and goals as you and those who are already there. I had an awesome time coming out on Domingo Live show meeting again new people. AS you can see on the photos I posted up . I am doing good in suceeding in my dance career so far the hardest is the acting, but I learned to never give up no matter how hard and fustrading it may be.  Also, I hear we might go to Japan to perform, I really hope so. I am an hispanic girl but I love the asian culture.  I love their music, show, movies and just about everything. My dream is to visit Japan and Taiwan. Maybe one day. I would love to be a backup dancer for a singer over there as well . Whatever God as plan for me . Right now though I will enjoy my time being with my family who I will no get to see alot next week. So off the football game. Yes, I do enjoy football games. We are undefeated and off to the playoffs. Go Coyotes.!!!!  Well, thats about it. Wish me luck!!!!!!

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