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Sunday, Silly Sunday

I don’t consider myself a director of comedy, let alone a comedic actor… so when JuJu Chan suggested that I try both I thought it was she who was the comedian. Anyway, it took all the charm of JuJu to get me to wake up at the ungodly hour of 6am to meet her at Happy Valley last Sunday. And here’s the results... see what y’all think of our one day’s work in cheesiness, silliness, and complete over the top "acting" (for want of a better word to describe what I did in front of camera). But to clarify, all the good stuff is to JuJ...Read more

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the irony of film makers

We’re a useless bunch of people, making useless things that many people want, and many people wish that they could be a part of. We have demand on our side… but it’s all artificial. Like the stories we tell.

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New Concept - Vela 734

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYVxSxmHtKE Well, been working on a new film concept with my CGI team and here's the result. Tell me what you all think... good and bad.

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Back to Civilization

After the launch of Wushu in October last year I’ve pretty much been living an hermit's life. Most of my time has been taken up with three things: physical training, hanging with my family, and writing my next script. Well, as of last week, I have completed a major milestone with the last item… that’s to say, I’ve finished writing the first draft of my script. Those of you who write will understand the idea that the first draft is merely the first step to what can be an arduous rewriting process, but I’m still in a celebratory mood. ...Read more

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Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Soup with Rock Girls

Back in HK today after spending 4 days in "kinda" beautiful Dalian for this year's Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival. It was a producer in Australia who thought I was talking about some sort of Chinese soup when I first mentioned this film festival by name to her. 
Unfortunate name aside, for those not in the know this is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in China. Its hi-light is the Hundred Flowers Film Awards. The big winner at the awards ceremony last nig...Read more

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Back in Hong Kong after spending about 10 days in Cannes.

This is my seventh time at Cannes, but it's the fist time I've been presenting a film there with a "real" marketing budget. So nice staying in an apartment with a view of the Riviera, and only a 30 second walk from the Palais. Most of my time was spent between preparing for the Wushu photocall with Jackie Chan and eating. I swear I must have put on 10 pounds.

High lights included being driven up to the red carpet in the official Cannes car, having the Wushu pho...Read more

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Well Winged

So proud of my two young stars, Wang Wenjie and Liu Fungchao. I was backstage with them last night as they were about to go on stage during the Hong Kong Film Awards to do a fight. They have a lot of experience doing this kind of stuff, but never at as important an event as this! Understandably, they were more than a little nervous.

Typical to tight TV schedules, the day before I was given only 15 minutes to choreograph a fight between them and Yasuaki Kurata and Miriam Yeung Chin Wah. Kurata was very gracious and had some ideas which I w...Read more

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post production and instant noodles

It's 2AM and I'm sitting in the post production studio, munching on instant noodles as my editor reassembles a scene from the end of the film. Been pretty much in this studio daily since early Feb. No views, no wifi (can only use their office computer after hours... which isn't too bad seeing that I'm mostly here after hours anyway), no fridge full of yummy snacks and drinks like they have in those fancy yuppy ad post production studios, and no TV and video to help pass the time during long reassembly. Cert...Read more

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Hey there.

Nice to meet over the safety and comfort of the internet, and away from the cuts and bruises of action filmmaking.

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