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Do kids nowadays know why "?" is the icon for the "Save" command?

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Life on the fast line.

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Our little film, Fist of the Dragon 猛龍追擊8小時, just got another Official Selection, this time by IDTV Action Fest, in Austin, Texas. Hopefully I'm free in August as I've never been to Texas before! Anyone else interested in going?

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Can't think of a better place to watch the final product.

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Great hanging out with fellow martial artist and film enthusiast, Tony Cheng, again. Always exciting to hear the great ideas and suggestions that he comes up with.

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My favourite little place in Central to have my meetings. Leaving next week, so rushing in as many meetings as I can before I'm gone again.

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So for you all who want to get in shape in time for summer, or simply want to get healthy but lack the motivation...try this out. http://move-it.club/en/index.html Use my promo code to get 10% off: antsze2017 I'll be with you all the way! ...Wish I had control on the editing of this little clip though.

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About to start coaching online with the new Move It Fitness app. 10% off for my friends! Let me know if you're interested.

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Went banking at busy Mongkok just now and saw this new promo for Ghost in the Shell. It's building momentum!

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This is a proper HKFilmart lunch meeting!

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