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Well Winged

So proud of my two young stars, Wang Wenjie and Liu Fungchao. I was backstage with them last night as they were about to go on stage during the Hong Kong Film Awards to do a fight. They have a lot of experience doing this kind of stuff, but never at as important an event as this! Understandably, they were more than a little nervous.

Typical to tight TV schedules, the day before I was given only 15 minutes to choreograph a fight between them and Yasuaki Kurata and Miriam Yeung Chin Wah. Kurata was very gracious and had some ideas which I was happy to work with. But Yeung wasn't even there so I had to rely on the producers to instruct her on what she had to do! I kept her bit VERY simple. Anyway, I knew that things were going to be different on the day.

Of course, Kurata and Yeung changed what was supposed to go down, but both Wang and Liu took it in their stride and winged it perfectly. From the perspective of the audience, it was a fun and energetic little display. At a party after the awards  they were well received by all the directors and producers there. These two boys are going to go a long way.

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Yah ! i saw the part they did too. I thought it was interesting. Something different from the usual formal presentation style. Well done!
over 13 years ago
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I want to see that ! Did you record it ?
over 13 years ago
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Sorry Frederic, I didn't think of recording it. I'm sure by now someone has posted it on youtube or something.
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