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Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Soup with Rock Girls

Back in HK today after spending 4 days in "kinda" beautiful Dalian for this year's Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival. It was a producer in Australia who thought I was talking about some sort of Chinese soup when I first mentioned this film festival by name to her. 
Unfortunate name aside, for those not in the know this is considered one of the most prestigious film festivals in China. Its hi-light is the Hundred Flowers Film Awards. The big winner at the awards ceremony last night was "Assembly" ( 集 結 號). I actually haven't seen that film yet... so it's very high on my DVD rental list next weekend. Did the red carpet leading up to the awards with the "Wushu" stars, Wang Wenjie and Liu Fengchao. Jackie Chan took them (and me) along the carpet with the three winners of his reality show "The Disciple". All really nice guys who I hope will do well.My thoughts of Dalian... there was some really beautiful architecture mixed with very tacky buildings. And one can't help but notice the women there. HK actor Nick Cheung said, when introducing one of the awards last night, "Dalian women have very long legs." Though I have to say that I agree with his observation, it does over simplify their beauty, which really radiates from within. In three words... Dalian girls rock :)

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