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the irony of film makers

We’re a useless bunch of people, making useless things that many people want, and many people wish that they could be a part of. We have demand on our side… but it’s all artificial. Like the stories we tell.

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Love the passion from you LClem and Flagday. The comment I made is not to put people in the industry down, but to put perspective in what they do. We are not doctors, firemen, farmers... people of these professions who have real honour in the work that they carry out day to day. However, we are often looked upon by the public in loftier heights, and that's simply wrong. To be working in the film industry is a great honour bestowed upon us by the public. But don't let that honour blind you. We are here to do a job, and to do it to the best of our abilities. We CAN give people hope and meaning, we CAN change their perceptions and hopefully bring greater good to man, some even say that we save lives. But in the end, realize that we are VERY lucky to be doing what we’re doing, but we should never lose perspective of our place in society as compared to those who make greater sacrifices day to day.
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Thanks xibanyae... maybe I should have added " :) " icons next to "useless". haha Indeed... I didn't write the comment as something hurtful, but more as a reminder especially for those people in the film industry who take themselves far too seriously. :)
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