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Remember watching Miami Vice as a kid, and I always wanted to try riding an airboat. Check-off on my bucket list.

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Just discovered that I've been living a lie... THIS is how a mojito should be served!!... and taste.

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Had to start prep two days before, but it was worth it! Coq au Vin for Valentines dinner for four. Plus my freshly baked Crumbly Apple Pie (CRAP), for good measure. .... working on that acronym. Lol

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Looking forward to seeing this on the big screen. So glad to have been involved with this one.

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Good morning, LA. After several days of downtime, now getting ready for a busy busy day.

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Success! Had to hv two helpings myself. Oink! Who wants to help finish it tonight?

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Ok... Been years since I last tried baking this. See if I got Nana's apple pie recipe right.

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A room with a view :D

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Congratulations JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸 and Max Jin Zhang on your latest film in production, Made in Kowloon!

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Interviewed by the People! Largest internet news site in China. While in the waiting room I was surrounded by pictures of all the top politicians that sat in my seat before me, comically surreal.

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