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post production and instant noodles

It's 2AM and I'm sitting in the post production studio, munching on instant noodles as my editor reassembles a scene from the end of the film. Been pretty much in this studio daily since early Feb. No views, no wifi (can only use their office computer after hours... which isn't too bad seeing that I'm mostly here after hours anyway), no fridge full of yummy snacks and drinks like they have in those fancy yuppy ad post production studios, and no TV and video to help pass the time during long reassembly. Certainly no film glamour here! But I can be thankful to the Nissan Noodle company... nothing like the aroma of their manufactured flavouring which I so loved since I was a kid. That sesame seed oil and soup base mixed with noodles that are boiled just under their prescribed 3 minutes so that it holds a firmness. Ah.... yes - for 10 minutes I can enjoy being sleep deprived in a place that holds no distractions, and give myself up to the pleasures of MSG, salt and carbs overload.

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