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 So I caught a cold a few days ago and I'm trying to get better but my throat hurts so bad. Then I realized, hey, I can blog on Alive Not Dead!  So I thought today, I'd blog about my 10 yr. High School Reunion.  Yeah Yeah, I'm pretty old.   Anyways, it was a very interesting event to say the least.  Since I'm on a MAC, I can't post up the pictures with my blog. (I don't know how)  I'll have to wait on the pictures until I get on a PC.   My reunion is for a High School in Maryland called Thomas S. Wootten High school.  The Reunion itself was held at a bar in Bethesda Maryland.  The class of 1997.

Lets back track regarding my High School years.  This is somewhat private but I guess its been 10 years now that I don't really care anymore. Hmm.. I was never a popular girl in High School. I was never in any "cool" or "popular" clicks. I hung out with a lot of Koreans/Chinese and I guess that was their own click.  Looking back, I think we were all pretty "dorky", and "uncool".  I remember I had braces and didn't know how to dress well.  Back then in Maryland, we stil had a bit of racism, segregation, and all that stuff you see in the movies.  I didn't bother the cool people, but they sometimes bothered us. This year I decided to go back earlier in December to go to my graduation and also my dad's birthday was the day before.  Figured I'd hit two birds with one stone.  I had an old high school friend come with me and we got there with maybe 10 people already there.  It was like High School FLASH BACK!  CRAZY!! Everybody looked pretty different I have to say.  Many of the girls that used to be "COOL","POPULAR" and "HOT",... were not.   I wouldn't say this if I thought they were nice, but they were pretty mean girls back in High School that said a few racist comments to the Asians/Latinos/ etc.  I almost wished that I was non Asian back then but you know what?  I don't think I've ever been more proud to be Asian then I am now.  (Go Asians!!) I hope I can teach my kids when I have them some day.

 I will post pictures up on my photo album for now but I'll have to post them to this blog later. Anybody care to share their experiences from their 10 yr. reunion?

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wow, you aged a lot better than most of your classmates. :-D i missed my 10 year reunion, i was backpacking around china that month, but patrick went. :-P damn, this year was our 15th. so old! :-P
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