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Equinox Gym

So, I'm about to leave the office to head to the gym.  Its about 4pm here in Bev. Hills and around 70 degrees.  The gym I go to is an interesting gym.  Its the gym where many up and coming actors/ musicians/ entertainment related people go to work out.   It's in West Hollywood and its called Equinox. 

Hmm.. what do I mean when I say that?  Lets see.  Yesterday I literally walked right into Jeremy Piven of Entourage.  I was looking down when I was walking and wasn't looking so I walked right into him.  Opps.

Some regulars:   Jessica Alba, Fabio, Kevin Connolly, Britney Spears, Mark Mcgrath, Nicole Richie, Nick Lachey, Ryan Reynolds, Brandon Routh, Dave Navaro, Lauren Conrad, Pauly Shore, etc.

The funnest thing about this gym is that a lot of the girls who work out at this gym.... I don't think they really work out.  Some girls go in thir with really cute matching outfits and major cleavage showing attire.  I've got to take some pictures one day and post it.  Its quite interesting. 

Anyways, I'm off to the gym with my ugly gym outfit to run a couple of miles.

**Just thought I'd write something since I haven't in awhile. :-)




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i guess its the same all over the world......i also know a lot of guys going to gym just to check out girls haha.....and yeah, pls do post some photos.....
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