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  • A Super Busy HKIFF Week!
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    Saturday, Mar 24, 2012 7:17PM / Event / Members only

    Its that time of year again!  Sorry for the lack of updates from Admin Bear,  we've been super busy! alivenotdead.comG DM!p2|.h(A$mQ(lw

    alivenotdead.comz Y.e3CW8x'U)|%_-J
    This week is the 36th Annual Hong Kong International Film Festival,  which means lots of AnD artists all in town and lots and lots of events.  alivenotdead.cometL9^}5xl*@y

    9b'w:Qy},M'~F0Be sure to check out Chung Dha's photos from the HKIFF opening screening -
    ZOW Ze5Vs0

    Check out all his red carpet pics are here! alivenotdead.com1@}A_(P8q

    g J_4W*}0Also we promise to eventually post more pics from our Asia in Focus party with Film Business Asia (crazy popular!) -

    (photo courtesy of Frederic Ambrosine,  be sure to check out his Filmart blog here).
    2ud ]lI B0
    sbu^8W3O6K0alivenotdead.come&q*j"w~ e
    Yes, that's right, we have HK Filmart this week too.   AnD didn't do a booth this year (too busy!)  but Etchy still went down to check out the gigantic Philip Ng poster, featuring a life-size Philip Ng in front of it - alivenotdead.com,b.x9K \hn-~5Y'c5t;_B

    (Z a"|"^$a4Z e'a0
    (Phil's blog about the "best day of his life (so far!)"  here!)
    l&Y,j'?w+A c0E0alivenotdead.com rI0|:h8~/wRI
    Even Daniel and Lisa attended some of the related festivities with HKIFF master class guest Keanu Reeves:
    Keanu Reeves Not Pictured!
    6` Wc;c/H}W M2^0
    Click to see Lisa's quick blog about it.
    *\&{8J+ir8M0]d'T0alivenotdead.com:{,YGd/hr1?g S'Y
    And in other news,  we're moving again!  Cyberport -
    r!T @n*QA)Xq NX0

    'u:SB!j,D;~`*h sZ0Admin Bear says "再見!"
    &ftt.{ J _0
    alivenotdead.com&ef j-\;?`

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  • Bigsands
    posted on Friday, Apr 13, 2012 5:03PM [Report]
    Nice picture!
  • polina
    posted on Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012 1:16PM [Report]
    Your mind is powerful enough to do more than a thing at a time, but u can only do one thing well at a time, just do what you're doing while you're doing it........... Happy day friend!!!!!!!!!
  • Etchy
    posted on Saturday, Mar 24, 2012 7:32PM [Report]
    So busy this week!


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