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Kirt Kishita

48HR Film Festival

We had some great films made by many film makers for this years 48HR Film Festival.

I want to thank our team "Robot Entourage" for bringing me on board.  We never expected anything out of it and we were fortunate enough to win 3 Catogories;

Best Director

Best Acting

Best Film

Here is our all star team;

Arne Venema

Spencer Douglas

Joe Fiorello

Emma Moosa

Harry Du Young

Johnathon So

Duc Luu

Max Lam

Emillie Guillot

Video will be up shortly! 

Thanks guys for a great time!!!  Now off to Miami to compete against 80 cities world wide!!! 

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My First Blog Ever!

Hey you all.  This is my first blog ever in my life!  I know it's kinda sad but I'm getting used to this whole thing here.   This video is TVC for Prime Credit.  It's still weird to think that I'm here in Hong Kong for 6 months when I was suppose to be here for just a month.  I came out here to perform in a play called "Hijacking the Northern Star" and 6 months later I'm still here.  Thanks to all the guys at AnD and everyone else that I have met here in HK.  I hope to learn Cantonese very soon!  Peace out!



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