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Forbidden Kingdom in stores next week - 9/9/08

I got a nice a little present in the mail today from some industry friends… the special edition DVD for Forbidden Kingdom. Cool. I’ve yet to see it, but I’ve heard positive reviews despite some negative views on the protagonist being Caucasian…

You ever wonder? Is it only Asian Americans who feel so adamantly negative about the whole Caucasian in Asian story issue (i.e. Last Samurai)? Do Asians in Asia care? I wonder sometimes…

Anyway, for those who are both Jet Li and Jackie Chan fans, this movie release must’ve been exciting since it was the first film to have both stars in one. I always thought Jet Li was adorable. Haha. And Jackie Chan’s pretty funny. How I feel about the lead being a Caucasian dude? I don’t really care as long as long as it makes sense in the story.

For those of you who want to rent/buy the movie on DVD or Blu-ray Disc, it’ll be out next Tuesday, 9/9/08.

Here’s a synopsis:

In modern-day Boston, Jason (Michael Angarano, TV’s “Will & Grace”), a teenage Kung Fu movie enthusiast, purchases a bootleg DVD from his favorite shopkeeper, Old Hop. When a local bully forces Jason to help rob Old Hop, Jason escapes with an old golden staff that magically transports him to ancient China. He is soon rescued from the forces of the Jade Warlord by Lu Yan (Jackie Chan), a raggedy wanderer whose wine-guzzling ways conceal his Kung Fu mastery. Yan, along with the Silent Monk (Jet Li), reveals that Jason is the fabled Seeker who must return the staff to the Monkey King (also played by Li), in order to stop the warlord from carrying out his evil plans. Yan and the Silent Monk join forces to teach Jason the ways of the Kung Fu warrior so he can save their world and return to his own.


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I wonder that sometimes too. If people in Asia care about it as much as we do. Or if they're the opposite and like it since they seem to have such a fascination with Caucasians. As for me I get upset whenever I see it, I feel like the movie would be better and have made more sense if it was an Asian person playing in an Asian setting role, plus it'd give the Asian actors/actresses more chances to get work in Hollywood. Tom Cruise in Last Samurai made sense in a story sense, but parts of the story and the fact he was the only survivor didn't make me feel all that great. And in Forbidden Kingdom, the white kid being thrown into Ancient china...fits in one regard but doesn't fit at all for a whole other reason. I'll let you watch it first though, interested in hearing your take on the movie.
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yeah, i think people are complaining at a top level about 'why are they making another asian set film without an asian lead'... which is a valid argument in itself, but that doesn't mean that this movie is bad. if the lead character wasn't a white kid from the US, the impact of the story would have been a bit different. ... asian people generally don't care about this stuff, they make their own movies, they are not stressing too much over who Hollywood does or doesn't make movies with.
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