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Happy wedding day AND bday to my mom 💓💐 #mrandmrshorton2017 #familyfriendswedding… https://t.co/dUsNfesf3y

Henry. 😍 #babiesinthebay @ Tartine Manufactory https://t.co/MvCKjlxd58

@sjbs1998 Hi! Yes! Here for a wedding and my mom's bday :) Thank you so much! 💓

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Rollin' with babies in the Bay this weekend. @ Cupertino, California https://t.co/RcDRuNfCJm

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Trying butterbeer for the first time. 🍺 #summertime #universalstudios #harrypotter 📷: Karin Anna Cheung

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Happy Father's Day! Here's a photo of my dad and me from our recent vacay. Ironically, we didn't… https://t.co/s9r8qLdGDN

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Last night was a full circle kind of night.

In 2001, I watched my very first Asian American film- Chris Chan Lee's Yellow (rented from Blockbuster 😂). In 2003, Jason Tobin became my favorite Asian American actor from Yellow and Better Luck Tomorrow. I was such a fan girl meeting him at the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift premiere in 2006. In 2008, I worked on West 32nd where Jun Kim then became my new favorite Asian American actor. Turned out neither were American and actually both from Hong Kong. In 2009, I visited Hong Kong and happened to pass Jason on t...Read more

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@LadyGraceByers @people Amen!!! Love it! 💓

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Some bridges need to be burned.

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May 2, 2007

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