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Duck instead of turkey and clams instead of yams.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are three things you're thankful for? I'm thankful for family, friends, and opportunities :)

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I love this photo of Pink. Pink was the firstborn. When she was a newborn, she had these pink lips… https://t.co/pkywpVA0Ow

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Before I found out that Moki was pregnant, I had planned to take her with me to meet my family in the… https://t.co/Oe0CSW8JJ5

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5 weeks old today! Captured all of them looking except for Pink (#1) who was busy checking things out… https://t.co/zoJZSfBqWS

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Never ever bend an iPhone battery. It will explode.

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I want Dev's alarm clock from episode 9 of @MasterofNone. Where can I get one? Also, @azizansari and @RealTomHankz are freakin' cute.

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Lol. I'm thankful for @DaveSFoley. #DrKen

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Tsk tsk, @kristamarieyu! #DrKen

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TGIF! #DrKen time! Thanksgiving episode!!! 🍗

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