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my YouTube 5 year story - in TEXT

I didn't make a video of this because I haven't really started vloging.  Thought about it... but.... anyway - here's my text form.

I originally avoided uploading anything to it because I was warned "That copy-write ownership TOS is crazy, don't put your stuff there!!!!" 

So I didn't put anything up there until about a year later when I wanted to test it out for a client, so I recorded me doing a particular game maneuver that not too many people knew how or could do on a test account.  No big deal. 

Well, eventually I came around to starting my own channel with samples of my work safe to show (mostly because of AND) and not too long after I got a message from youtube asking me if I wanted to be a partner!!!  But... they wanted my OTHER account to be a partner - the one with the video of me playing a game because apparently it's gotten like 40,000 views. 

I wish I could say the same for my own account. :)

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i think we need a link to these videos!
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