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Benise: The Spanish Guitar (now on PBS)

A PBS (Public Television in the United States, nationwide) Special I directed last year has been airing all over the US for the last month in most cities. It was a tough project to make because the budget was one third of what the musician had for his previous special and even that one wasn't well funded.  (I keep hoping someday someone will come t me saying "We have more money than what we know what to do with, what should we do?"  But... not happened yet. :) )Anyway - the creative challenge for this show was how to turn what might sound like a relatively boring subject matter "Some guy who plays Flamenco guitar" into something that most people would find entertaining.  The artist fortunately understands how to put on a show and the stage director gave it a lot of creativity.  My challenge as the television/video director was how within this restricted budget make the live show seem very lively and more like a music video than just a standard live coverage event.  (The footage shot exterior and in other countries was not shot by me, it was given to me to include into the live show.  It was actually nearly home video footage, so we had to get creative with our treatment of it.)Here is the extended trailer:BENISE:   THE SPANISH GUITARVideo:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdhLP-EBa2A

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Patrick - we used someone else for the actual show's introduction. I am not sure where the trailer narrator came from. As I said, this trailer was put together just for the PBS affiliates to know what the show was.
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