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Technology Review: Apple's iPad

Just a quick review of what I see from the news feeds on Apple's introduciton of their iPad

Feeling: Neutral.

Pros: Price ($499), screen full sized keyboard, reportedly a very fast chip (Apple's own), Lots of potential depending on what developers make, they're emphasizing text and the eReader capabilities, but the inset video and media seem more interesting.

Cons: No camera, No phone mentioned... (camera is huge disappointment as that removes portable iChat video options) - no phone means you'll need to double your data plan (no special deals mentioned), no stylus. the name, LED vs. digital ink - no conversion.  10 hours battery seems short to me, but I don't remote computer much.

Time will tell.  It releases in sixty days.  The iWork stuff seems great.  I don't use that stuff much other than I could use a word processor for remote script writing and note taking (which is good). 

They promised it's better than the iphone and better than the macbook and frankly, it doesn't make calls (except maybe VoIP?  That could be an answer.   It doesn't have a camera which both the others have.  It can't run power applications.   It really is going to swing for me on what the "Killer App" is that is developed in the next sixty days prior to release.

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I might buy this just because I would like something to write with remotely and it gives some other nice options and fits into my whole mac workflow. It's a lot cheaper than the other powerbook options... it's on the edge a bit. I don't think I'd buy a more expensive version though. But also for me, the times my iphone has been slickest is in a meeting when I could show my work on it, this would show it better. worth about $50 that moment alone when it happens. That said, can't really carry it around on those party moments where someone asks what you do. I'm not as excited as I had hoped I would be. No flash in this either..... um...... that's bad.
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Not really impressed with it. But I use my computers for editting and photoshop and artistic stuff like that more than anything, so if it can't do that or makes that more complicated I don't really want it. I haven't actually seen it in action yet though, just heard different reviews from people.
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