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Priacy Leading To Corporate Superstars | 盜版帶來全團超級明星

Continuing on the "indie" concept and responding to something Lynn said in the comments, I thought I'd bring up something which I'm not sure most music and movie lovers realize.

I don't want to sound like a fan of hunting down teenagers who are sharing music with their friends... but I thought I might point something out which I don't see mentioned much and which I find to be a little worrisome.

In this new age of where everything is easy to pirate - music, movies, whatever - one thing that people swaping media might not realize is that this is the beginning of the end of independents.

Eventually, the only people who will ever reach mass radio or TV or theater will be people who are tied very directly into a product who benefits from saturation more than sales. 

The people who benefit from saturation more than sales are:  Propagandists (people who have a political agenda), Corporations pushing a product, and well financed people satisfying their egos.

Personally, I don't want all the music and movies I'm offered to be limited to these agendas.  I think many of the greatest works have been someone simply capturing the essence of human experience and sharing that.

Unfortunately... the honus is upon the audience to support that if it means something to them.

My point here is simply that piracy is way more inclined to hurt the indies than it is to hurt the commercial market.



在這個任何東西都被盜版的年代 -音樂、電影和任何其他 -人們用媒體做交易,可能沒意識到這既是獨立的開始,也是它的終結。








在这个任何东西都被盗版的年代 -音乐、电影和任何其他 -人们用媒体做交易,可能没意识到这既是独立的开始,也是它的终结。






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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
How do you weigh the possible advantages of free distribution (i.e. what Alive did here on their website by releasing their music and videos for free in order to get wider distribution) that online downloading might provide for an artist that doesn't have a way to get their message out there, vs. having people take advantage of their generosity and circumvent the commercial process of buying products when they are available for purchase? Ideally there is a balance where you can distribute freely that which you want to have the greatest impact, but without the possibility of having it negatively affect your revenue stream. But, I just don't think we have quite found that yet. Hopefully in the future we will, but right now the methods for piracy and free distribution make it too easy to hurt artists. And purchase of materials is, for some, cost prohibitive. ($15 for a CD??? That's just silly. Some are even over $20 in Japan or other countries.) Perhaps it is a fault of the industry for jacking up the prices in reaction to piracy (if that is, indeed, why they are doing it) when the better response, IMO, would have been to drop prices or offer low-cost alternatives so that people would be less inclined to pirate and steal work. If you steal an album because you can't afford $15 for the CD, then you might be more inclined to buy a simpler version of the album (maybe no fancy inside jacket and a less complicated packaging system ... or even an online download purchase like iTunes) if it was more in your price range ($5 - $10, for example). Do you think that the studios and decision-makers in the industry have ultimately hurt the piracy situation by trying to strangle-hold their profits? Or do you think that it's related to something else? Good post Mark! Thanks!
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Narom - you're asking a poignant question and something I was going to talk about in my next post - but I certainly don't have the holy grail answer. There is a large question to be answered - can an indie benefit from saturation more than sales without becoming an employee? This weekend I'll try to write some more on this and hopefully it can start a discussion that might lead somewhere... anyone reading now should toss out some ideas.
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heh, Lynn I'm just trying to ask good questions and if possible provide some reference for them.
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Even though the Internet is a big reason why piracy has been so rampant, I also think it holds the solution to the status quo. The Internet is fast becoming THE channel where people most consume media products. Digital delivery will provide consumers with more formats and choices. I agree that no one has figured out how to harness the Internet's potential for serving content. At some point as digital delivery becomes faster and more reliable, it will change the old conception that media content can only make money if it was sold by traditional means.
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I am writing in response to Lynn's April 21 suggestion. Please take a look at the information contained in this webpage: http://www.copyright.gov/register/performing.html It is supposed to do the job suggested by Lynn. However, the real problem is not getting your work registered, but how to stop people from stealing your work and if it happens, how to catch the culprit and to compensate the victim...
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