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Six Unusual Things About Me

 I'm afraid I've been tagged by Shorty to say six unusual things about me...  oh, the things one does to try to fit in.

So, here they are (in no particular order, and - frankly - no particular reason these things won out over any others I didn't mention):

1)  Eventhough a significant part of my income comes from the television world - I don't actually have a television (no cable, no antenna).

2)  Not only do I not drink, but I've never had alchohol in my life - and not because of any religious or cultural reasons.

3)  I once performed for the Governer of Oaxaca, Mexico in a 4000 seat theater... as a dancer... solo.

4)  Despite my resolute passiveness, I not only used to teach Karate, but I was a licensed state judge.  I stopped due to the frequent injuries and wide spread huberis of the participants.

5)  I can't stop eating cereal once I start.  One box will last just one day - so i don't keep it in my house.

6)  I have teddy bears in my bedroom.

I'm going to have to follow Pat's lead though and not tag other people... most of the people I checked from my comments had already been tagged.

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I actually have tried to buy cereal with no milk at all. Doesn't work still goes away in a day. I tried buying cereal I didn't even like that much. nope. chomp chomp chomp. Do they have soy milk over in HK?
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jwu - I don't know when I'd have time to watch TV anyway. I do watch DVDs and I see TV shows on DVD. Shorty - Thanks! Juhana - You know what? "I was never fond of teddy bears" can be one of your six unusual things!!! :) They're teddy bears! Jesz - Where are your teddy bears??? As for the question, maybe another blog another day... yulien AND music note - Wow! I feel less alone in the world! This makes me happy. Pongza - YES I've seen that cute bear of yours... and the puppy... do they play together? If they were in a fight, which one would win? Best move in marttal arts - RUN! No, seriously - if you can avoid fighting ever, it's the best option. Even if you win in a fight, you get hurt, not worth it. If running is no option, sure I could show something, but not online. One of those limitations of virtuality. musicnote - Oh... how could I choose? That would be like choosing a favorite child.... or I am guessing... since I don't have children... which considering I just compared the importance of children to the importance of cereal is probably not a bad thing. :)
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pongza - ohhhhh... I'm sorry, you said in your email that you missed him, I didn't know why. :( It's hard I know, I had cats. music note - Well, I try to avoid having cereal at all since I have no self control. Actually I don't tend to do "breakfast, lunch, dinner" I will eat throughout the day whenever I'm hungry.... It's actually a healthy way of living. I also work out and jog daily.... It's good to keep one lively and keep the heart pumping.
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um... Mr. Quackers, yes, i think he must be seen.
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Lou - Wait... what do you mean live vs. stuffed teddy bears? You're speaking crazy talk... Anita - No, that would not be an option. Okay but that brings up another odd thing... I didn't celebrate a birthday for 18 years..... yet... I wrote a new version of the happy birthday song which is royalty free - no copywrites.... www.thenewhappybirthdaysong.com I've never marketed it, but it has almost made it's way onto a couple TV shows. Anita - My favorite cereal - I wrote about this a few pages back..... you'll have to research! :) (hint - I didn't say any brand names though.) Shorty - No disrespect meant! You know like every other time I post my message gets lost and I change it when I write it the second time, so it seems "live" - but I might have just been getting exhausted.... I've been so busy lately I only slept 3 hours last night. The first version of that note had your name on the list too - sorry.... Kudos to you!!!! You also make me feel less alone... lol. Maybe I will actually blog about this some day, this whole subject... but... it would be much much later. Lynn - lol - harsh day on the comments - shorty has disowned me and you claim I'm the weirdest... actually I don't mind the later... as long as it is justified. You should read my blog entry on my personal page if you want to hear a funny story about me revealing this information: http://markallen.net/is/?p=3
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RenRen - I watch a couple shows on DVD. If I did have TV reception or cable, everything would have to be TiVO'd. What is it about cereal that is so good??? My friend says I'm a carb addict. Jezs - what new entry? Janina - thanks.... The main toys I played with as a child were these fuzzy balls with eyes, feet, and antennae's and when we needed more, we made them out of cotton balls and paper. We used matchboxes to make "air cars" for them and used a shelf to build cities. I think we had 300 of them by the time we were done - all had names, lives, histories. I think I always enjoyed storytelling. One weekend I mapped their universe and it was a map which was larger than the floor of my bedroom. Juhana - Actually... why aren't you fond of them? What are you fond of? Do you like kittens or puppies? Lynn - oh yeah... I'm taking over more Market share.... uh... "mark"et share.... hmmmmmm Michelle_Kay - They mostly just sit around and hang out with each other. They'd probably like it if I didn't work so much. shorty - Girl fight! ;) Have you guys ever met in person? Shirley_aya - :)
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Jezs - Ahhhhh. It will be a while before I want to talk about that on a personal level. However, I can talk about some of the general thoughts. I will say this... there is a side to the world of alcohol which is not fun and really doesn't get much attention because it's not fun. For every "crazy night" there is a night of date rape at a Frat house. For every home of wine enthusiasts, there are alcoholics in denial ignoring their children. Drunk driving is the number one cause of death among teens. How many times do people do horrible things and try to excuse themselves with "I was drunk." Does that really excuse someone? How long does that last? And while some people seem to be able to stop drinking at will - a very large part of the population can't. And since this site has a large Asian population, I might mention that alcoholism is increasing faster in Asia than anywhere else. Anyway - it's a huge subject. i want the net result of my life to be a positive one and my choice there reflects that. Some of what I described will be foreign to some people's lives and they won't understand. It wasn't foreign to mine. Michelle_Kay - I'm sure my Teddy Bears would LOVE company, they're very friendly... but they don't travel well, they're afraid of flying.
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