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Monday in Hong Kong

I realized that it is actually Monday morning in Hong Kong already - so I'm going to post the link up now and will leave it up until the end of Monday PST.  Enjoy.

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Secret Screening for AnD

A lot of the work I do can not be shown publicly because it shows something the client doesn't want to have seen by the outside world until they are ready to show it.  (Shoes, fashion styles, products, ideas, whatever.)

However, I recently got permission to show a 3 minute movie I shot near the beginning of 2007 to a limited audience.  So - on:

MONDAY Jan. 14th, 2008

For one day only I will be able to post this movie for those who read my blog and you can finally see something of what I actually s...Read more

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Significance of Harmony

Peter Sellars was a mentor of mine during college.  I found this clip of him talking about "Vocal Dialogue" which shows an insight into the way he thinks and the passion with which he would share ideas.  He flows fluently between literal, metaphorical, and emotional.

For the not totally English fluent, you'll need to know that "reciprocity" means "a mutual exchange." 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/wa...Read more

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I was playing online poker for a moment today while waiting for my computer and someone won a few hands and typed "I pown p*****s like you."

Now... bravado and hubris aside.... if you're going to try to use a hip slang word - at least spell it right. 

pwn is the word.  Once upon a time in some online game room, somoene probably meant to say "You were owned!"  and typed the neighboring key and wrote "You were pwned."  And somehow this caught on.  However, if you write "pown" - you're just ...Read more

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Make A Dream into a Plan

Happy New Year everyone.

Many people have said over the last year I should write a self help book.  Well, if I ever do, I'll be the first one to buy it.  :)

If I did write one... I think I might title it "Make a Dream into a Plan."

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It's the new year!  It's the perfect time to make some resolutions....

Every year I make resolutions which I use to guide my year.  Whether you share them or not, I very much encourage everyone to make resolutions...

But what I encourage even more is to make sure once you have made the resolutions, you think about how you will actually acheive them.  Make sure that there are steps associated with anything you want.  Whatever it is - there will be some steps that can help you get there.  And if you can't think of them.....Read more

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    I was walking along a bridge in a nice little town today and when I looked in the creek there were a bunch of Burger King cups and wrappers tossed aside.  A few more steps - a few more cups tossed.  I reached the end of the bridge and not only did I see a few more Burger King trash cups - but a block down, I saw the Burger King.  

This made me wonder.  What if you were always responsible for the things you created - even after they left your control.  How would that make people feel about what they created?  Would they be more incl...Read more

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Merry Day!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Thanks so much for visiting my site and sending me good wishes this year, it  means a lot to me I appreciate your support tremendously!  

For many of you today (tomorrow) is Christmas, but for ALL of you it's another day and like any other day - find something of joy in it just for the fact that it is another day.  That is reason enough.

Many people struggle during the holidays - and if this is you - find someone to help.  Hard to go wrong with that choice.

Take Care!  

I'll be blog...Read more

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Love and Deception

I have noticed that some people will profess their love quite easily and these people are considered very loving people - emotionally open.  

Other people will reserve their professions of love to just a few or even none - and these people are considered emotionally removed.

It is possible that the latter group, though, is even more emotional than the first group in that they have put such a value on the emotional commodity that they cannot simply say it unless it is being felt at a profound level and they feel safe in mak...Read more

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Even though I work in the creative arts - management is a huge part of my daily concerns.  You really can't avoid it.

Whether your working in the arts or any other field.  The hardest commodity to find is the kind of person you can just hand responsibility to and walk away.  There are many talented and smart and creative people - but very few who you can throw something  at and know it will get finished whether they knew how to finish it when they started it.

Often the people capable of this probably don't realize that they...Read more

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