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Hello World

Hello from Los Anglees!  I'm excited to be a part of Patrick Lee's next huge internet venture!

Tonight, my company, Allucinari, and I are finishing up the videos I directed for the 2007 Fall Out Boy concert.  It's 4am, so I can't write long, but defintiely wanted to say a first hello!

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Shorty - the banner has stuff I shot, the photo on the right is me. Daniels - Yes - Fall Out Boy - is absolutely a part of the big label world now.
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Everyone... just so you know... when I do a job for a band whether it be FOB, Toni Braxton, Faith Hill, some independent group... I am not part of that group - so no need to apologize for your opinions about them. No need to apologize for your opinions about anything I do either, frankly. Yulien - wow, you know your music scene. :)
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