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TV Directing 03; Art and Tech Scouts

TV Directing 03;  Art and Tech Scouts

I have to write this quick because my day starts at 4am tomorrow and I'm already a little overly tired.

Art Department... People working on the show have done a lot more episodes than you, so generally the aesthetic is set, so what you need to do is just make sure that they understand what you need from them from a story point of view.  For example, if you need to make sure the audience understands that something on the computer happened, you need to figure out ho...Read more

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TV Directing 02: Locations

TV DIRECTING 02:  Locations

This won't be the most glamorous blog, but for aspiring filmmakers, being aware of the importance of locations is essential.  For film fans, it might just be some interesting behind the scenes information.

The two primary concerns when scheduling a TV shoot are:

1)  Actor schedules

2)  Locations

I won't be talking about casting in this series, but you can read a couple previous blogs about:

Read more

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TV Directing 01: Scripts

So - I thought I would not be able to blog at all for the next couple weeks as I'm directing a show I can't talk about because it doesn't air until 2009.  However, I realized that what I could do is give a sense of what it is like directing a TV show.  So I'll try to update with short bits over the next couple weeks whenever anything occurs to me.  Mostly I'll just try to give an idea of what the director does.

So - I'll just begin with scrīpts.

TV DIRECTING:  scrīpts

Getting the scrīp...Read more

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The Truth About MRirian magibon

This blog is a follow up to my minimalist last blog about Obscurity.

This blog is about losing one's obscurity.  It's about marketing in a case-study of magibon.

As many of you know, I don't have a TV.  I do, however, explore YouTube now and then.  I remember when the invention of the macintosh suddenly made everyone a desktop publisher and the technology now has suddenly made everyone a video producer ...Read more

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This is a quote of Tim O'Reilly (CEO of O'Reilly Media) which I find so astute and applicable to members of this site that I'm quoting him for discussion with no comment of my own:

"Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy."

I originally saw this quote on the cinematech.blogspot.com blog.

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Kidnapped and Thrown in A Car

My friend once said this to me about keeping an audience's attention in movies...

"If your friends grab you and kidnap you and take you into their car on your birthday, it's crazy.  Where are they taking you?  this is nuts!  Five minutes go by and you're still laughing because they've tied you up and thrown you in the backseat and you can't see where you're going.  After fifteen minutes or so of driving along, the novlety has worn off and you actually really want to know where you're goin...Read more

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Music Videos 02 - Humanity

Something I find myself trying to do as a director and very much responding to other director's work when I see it is finding the humanity in the moment.

I think this might be one of the director's most important responsibilities and is something so often overlooked.

The result of NOT finding the humanity is when something a music video, a tv show, a comemrcial, a movie - whatever it is - simply plays generically - lalala blah blah blah - who cares etc.  Finding the humanity is what lifts a potential moment ...Read more

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Music Videos

This is a blog meant for discussion, I would be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this.

For someone who hasn't directed a great deal of music videos - I'm extremely opinionated about them.  That said, the reason I've not directed a large number is because I have an enormous respect for the art.  My first professional work after college graduation was writing and directing opera and music related performance art (including music videos)- so it's been a passion of mine for a while.

The problem I have ...Read more

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Will be gone by noon

At noon PST (Tuesday) I'm taking down the link - so if you've not seen the movie and still want to, you have about 11 hours :)

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Fallen - The Secret Movie Link

Welcome to the private link forFallenThere are a couple things to know...It's only about 3 minutes long.

Please don't reference or mention the "other" name (Aurical Angel) just because they want to keep that off the public internet for now. 

You do not need to read all the text (there is a big page of text).  That was written by someone else after the movie was finished.  So, if you can't read it... doesn't matter.  It wasn't meant to have text anyway.

My role:  Director, W...Read more

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