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Miley Cyrus Topless & Pedophilia

Some quick thoughts for discussion about a current issue.

I don't watch TV, so when I hear about a scandal, it's pretty far reaching.

I heard about the Miley Cyrus Topless Scandal that was associated with this photo:

I thought it was odd that Vanity Fair would print a topless photo of a 15 year old... but then I discovered... the topless photo is this photo.Read more

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Improv Rules 01: Don't Negate

For much of my life I've been involved in improvisational acting in some form. 

The longer i have done it, the more I find the core "rules of improv"  apply beyond acting.  For myself, I find improv a fantastic creative exercise which helps my writing, directing, and all the other arts I pursue.  I would like to think I could apply these rules to life as well.

Now, before I say much more, I should acknowledge that many say "There are no rules in improv!"  (Which is sort of a rule, bu...Read more

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Under The Radar 02: 君がいれば (If You're Here)

This may be the most under the radar musician in this series.  I am not sure even 1000 people would have heard this song by the time you're watching it. 

ARTIST/COMPOSER;  aozorafantasii - in Berkeley, California.  I found this singer because she sang a couple video game related songs and was really impressed with her musicianship and subscribed.  She has full voice which is natural, sincere, and unaffected.

SONG:  君がいれば (If You're Here) - Recently she posted this new song which she comp...Read more

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Under The Radar 01: Hush

Today I'm starting a series of posts which will highlight a musician you probably haven't heard of.  They will range from total unsigned indies who probably have never been hear by more than 1000 people to bands that tour, but don't have national attention.  I may underestimate the popularity of the performer on some of them.

I'm featuring the song more than the band or musician.  I've also got to say I'm not posting these as interesting videos eventhough I'm providing the video.  Just easier that ...Read more

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Matt Mullins

I'm introducing the second artist I've brought to Alive Not Dead:

Matt Mullins

Matt is the star of a TV show ( Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) of which I have directed some episodes.

If you're a fan of wu shu (or female), you'll probably enjoy taking a look at his work.  He is also the leader of a martial arts performance group named Sideswipe that was featured a lot of &quo...Read more

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Design vs. Art

Design serves an external intention.  Art serves an internal intention.

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Types of Nothing [Magibon conclusion]

This was inspired by a comment made by tinkerchel regarding the massive number of immitators on YouTube.

Seeing the end of the Magibon story now, I think back to the beginning of the story (when she first started posting videos and she was first discovered) and I think that a lot of that insecurity is actually what made her videos so interesting. 

She was hiding something, yet still putting herself out there... and that was interesting because it created a live dynamic.  A conflict.

On YouTube, m...Read more

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Sometimes I find myself missing places I've visited in dreams more than anywhere I've been in real life.

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Are You Ready? [Magibon Revealed]

On February 18th, I blogged about a mysterious character on youtube  named Magibon (MRirian).  I think it's always a good idea to return to things for the sake of perspective and to see what lessons can be learned.  Recent events on this story have emphasized several key ideas that I've mentioned in the past.

If you haven't read the blog, basically Magibon was a mysterious girl who appe...Read more

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I would like to introduce the first artist I've brought to alivenotdead.


Tinkerchel has used YouTube to open up a window into her charming fantasy world.  There is a childlike freedom to her performances which usually begin with a short skit and then ...Read more

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