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It’s said there could be life forms found in the water discovered on #Mars. Do you believe in aliens? If so, how do… https://t.co/tRvSOdJ3Ur

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It’s sooo good! Went to a screening last week. Highly recommend. Don’t even need to be ASIAN to appreciate it. https://t.co/EaORiaTYiE

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I do a mean turkey chili https://t.co/a2YwkZT5s7

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Mahalo! The place looks amazing. I’m sure my parents will be happy there! https://t.co/W8BNbWXaBF

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Quite the contrary. https://t.co/T4ngD8LrB6

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Having a conversation at dinner and need to take yet another poll. Does the term “activist” have a negative or positive connotation to you?

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Thanks, Mike! https://t.co/HESnpbvtOL

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Heyyy! Tone!! ✌️ https://t.co/wGbeySjYZT

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I’m a great cook. And if I get with someone who can cook better I’m just gonna get fat. https://t.co/zdvA3hLo9r

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The top 60 self made women list? Nah, maybe next year. Or next life. https://t.co/sKsUP6Dtt2

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