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For my Hawaii peeps, #PBSHawaii will rebroadcast Finding KUKAN (a fabulous documentary I’m proud to have voiced) th… https://t.co/crbvtfaUs3

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Let’s do another one in 21 years! .

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・・・ It takes a long time to grow an Old Friend... 21 years later… https://t.co/rTX6UgO9ao

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Laboring in the kitchen with my sister from another mister jpramos6 for our epic #LaborDayBBQ yesterday. Can’t thi… https://t.co/tVaTWjC3oS

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We met on #SurfNinjas https://t.co/8OsiZdL1Iq

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Couldn’t agree more. https://t.co/MsKeRVHF4F

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I remember playing with POGs in elementary school on Maui when no one else even knew what they were. Who knew it w… https://t.co/zQUOyrSZ6M

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Remember when Bottlecaps/POGS were a thing? Found these cleaning out my old bedroom. Circa ‘93. Wonder how many n… https://t.co/xoK7hxvjKI

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Yaaaayyyy, Sister!!! https://t.co/0IsQ1bge4R

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Approx 1 in 5 people living w/ HIV in U.S. are female & 20 more women are diagnosed daily Get tested, get educated… https://t.co/6HcrRuyq5H

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1.1 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and 100 more are diagnosed every 24 hours. Help make #AIDS… https://t.co/MUMdNV2mXG

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