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Aw, gonna have to disagree with you in this one, Pal, but we can still be twitter friends. https://t.co/3JyftZdWYb

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When u lost ur voice & ur friend keeps asking u questions that require more than a head nod/shake & then they scold… https://t.co/KGDwyETIgQ

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Caught hanging out in the garden with my new boyfriend, Sven. #Paparazzi https://t.co/eghslu1gaT

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Celebrated our anniversary today. #AlpacaKisses https://t.co/foQj3VoBZK

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Hanging out at the #LACMAlights tonight after seeing Jazz at @LACMA. I love this city.

I❤️LA #LosAngeles… https://t.co/KGu1gawWnJ

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Feeling blue leaving this magical city & people. So grateful for this special wkend. 1st Singapore & F1 experience.… https://t.co/vKNO95h4H0

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Can’t thank this guy enough for making this #Formula1 weekend the most amazing experience ever! Thank you, thank y… https://t.co/WQwGldg8o2

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So great to hangout with this crew at #GardensByTheBay on my last night in #Singapore. https://t.co/g8BJqER8bM

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Immensely enjoyed walking the #GardensByTheBay on my last night in #Singapore. Such a beautiful treasure. Especia… https://t.co/AnsklpgHKk

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No one in particular. I’m just enjoying the experience. https://t.co/VZgRP1HDis

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