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Just to be clear, I don’t plan on needing a nurse until I’m in my 90’s at least. You may not even live that long,… https://t.co/CtTCp0EaQY

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Not sure I’ll even be in town that week. Sorry. https://t.co/RE7nMsFmxN

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That would be a NO https://t.co/HMNqDZQb3F

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Wow! Fun throw back! I was in great company, wasn’t it? Thanks for sending. #TheDoors movie https://t.co/WxJSbn9h3b

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I’m gonna hire super hot male nurses . #spongebaths https://t.co/ncCELDePkQ

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My retirement savings https://t.co/ncCELDePkQ

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Really appreciate the participation in this poll so far. Would also like to hear from non-voters to hear what it w… https://t.co/cCqxfC93dR

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There’s also marriage, frozen eggs, frozen embryos, surrogates. In Hawaii we have informal adoption called “hanai”… https://t.co/zWsV6SLDw1

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Fact is, there’s more than one way to have a kid. Choice. https://t.co/aRrPZGm3fS

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Uh, no thank you. https://t.co/rp8CDic8m9

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