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Gave my friends, who flew in from SF for #ComicConHonolulu, a photo to mark up & have fun. They came back with this… https://t.co/dIaoXeBMEt

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Couldn’t even leave my table for a minute! You crazy, Sister! So much fun hanging out with out this weekend! https://t.co/mNwSqTnzr7

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What an amazing kid! And seriously I love his parents for naming him Clark Kent!!! https://t.co/mdeJ4AWZ46

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Bwhahahaha when is your panel????? https://t.co/c587lLzL4y

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Left the autograph table for just a minute and my face morphed into @KatrinaLaw #ComicConHonolulu #FaceSwap… https://t.co/YMNil90qth

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RT @KFMovieGuide: NEWS: #MartialLaw and #XMen star @KellyHu joins @MichaelJaiWhite, @HeidiMoney, @amyejohnston, #FrankGrillo and many more…

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Nearly peed myself just a little while ago. Had my shades closed when I started hearing explosions just outside my… https://t.co/OaEw6muLgN

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Got a whole stretch limo to o myself. I don’t need all this space. I have short legs.

ineedanentourage… https://t.co/HPPpbVxIwi

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No. Don’t really feel@I need one anymore. I do social media. https://t.co/h7Kn8DaG21

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I’m passionate about a lot of things but since I don’t have kids, never needed to buy health insurance (SAG union s… https://t.co/SxbXwCcmoi

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