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RT @b_ricker: If anyone recognizes this sweet couple, please let me know. I’d love to send them a copy of this picture for them to have. Un…

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Wow! Thanks for sending. I love that these Chinese women are also philanthropic. That wasn’t a popular thing whe… https://t.co/k8JRa9lc0Q

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Really, Ryan? I figured you for the smile and say hi type. Where’s the aloha, Brah? ?? https://t.co/jwxokmAkj1

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Almost always hello... to the woman first if it’s a couple. If it’s some who looks shady I try to look busy. https://t.co/RA3cFDceBb

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Does this comment also make me a feminist? https://t.co/othVmWk09Y

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Ohhhhh, oops. That reference is even too old for me! My bad https://t.co/7dbTZsL058

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I can do all of that myself. What do I need you for? Haha https://t.co/4q0rRlLeOi

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Wow! Very interesting list here. Inspiring. https://t.co/0z3MPVDANS

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If I use the poll option do I still get to read all of people’s reasons for their answers? https://t.co/2gCnMd3kIr

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Need to take another poll to settle an argument. Does the word “feminist” have a positive or negative connotation t… https://t.co/eIzeFk3su4

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