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Hahaha, due to my past experiences, they should let me ever race again. https://t.co/h0hgYq4zgo

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Thank you @jermyap for being the best host ever and making this dream come true!!! https://t.co/mJEg4PGmsI

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So grateful to get to have this first #Formula1 experience in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen,… https://t.co/ATlFE2ALGB

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Getting to hang out at the most incredible pop-up I’ve ever seen to watch the practices from “Twenty3”, the final t… https://t.co/kjiewYPPvX

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Seeing a man in a space suit fly through the air like Iron Man https://t.co/xyBzSNkm8I

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Going over one of the many beautiful bridges around this picturesque city. https://t.co/0hf5ksI47d

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1st #Formula1 experience last night was so epic I don’t think I could ever top it. Starting w/ the gorgeous drive t… https://t.co/lGoP7wJlah

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✔️Michelin Star hawker food in Singapore.
Soooo good!

CrazyRichAsians #BucketList #SingaporeGonnaMakeMeFat

?:… https://t.co/OUDiKew8ab

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Left for Singapore 9/10 arrived 9/12. Skipped right over 9/11 but thoughts are still with those who lost their live… https://t.co/KlWVGW2UHj

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Bwahahaha. My mom already thinks you’re me.! https://t.co/VMt8I5Id6Y

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