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My friends it has been WAY too long.. in person and the blog sense.I do miss the days of when I first joined alive not dead, all the parties and events during that time, and most of all, meeting the alive crew and community. Bumping into old friend Raffi mcEtchy the other day reminded me of that, and it also reminded me THAT I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE MY BLOG.So my last blog I was writing about graduating. Ever since graduating, as I told Raffi, I've been working full-fledged on my solo debut album. Over 20 new songs completed already, mostly written by me, some written by my mentor Sam Hui, and some are covers. Can't really reveal too much at this moment without spoiling, but we're still in the process of handpicking which songs, photos, and lyrics to use. On that note, I've learned that writing Chinese lyrics can take quite a long time!What kind of music? I'd say acoustic pop/rock, with my old school Elvis/Beatles influence, yet I still add a lot of modern elements. I find it very exciting and can't wait to launch it all, say goodbye to the Elvis shadow and hello to the BIRTH OF JUSTIN! All at the same time, I still train with Sam and tour with him. We did 4 nights at the HK colliseum not long ago, where Sam also announced news of my album. The shows were fun, especially since my part was perform as one of the boys along with my brothers Ryan and Scott:Then Sam comes out after our part and we all do "半斤八兩":The shows were so fun, Scott and I played so much with the audience, he shoved his diamond studded mic into their faces whilst I threw silky ties at them!Our other brother Jin also came by everyday just to hangout, he also brought us awesome eggtarts and roasted goose! How thoughtful!:Jamming backstage:I was also stoked to meet Gigi, she's such a beautiful lady, very well spoken and kind hearted:We then took the same show to Malaysia last weekend for 2 nights! AMAZING time.. the 2nd show was epic, for it was the first time that the audience didn't want to leave even after the long encore section! So with the stadium lights all on, and with everyone in their casual clothes, Sam goes on again with his guitar and the crowd goes nuts. Eventually we all run up on there for a grand finale with "財神到". (I think I'm going to save the Malaysia concert and pics for the next blog!)Bumping up to more recently, I've been chosen to perform every night during "Music Rocks The Valley" at the Happy Valley Racecourse, which is where I ran into Raffi. We've done the first night out of three already, and it was a great show! I wanted to do songs that the drunken gamblers and international visitors could sing along to whilst they wait between the horse races, therefore I chose "Twist and Shout" and "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. I think Raf has some footage somewhere?G.E.M. was the other artist for the night, what an amazing voice she has apart from being oh so cute! Here we are during soundcheck:Some pics during showtime:I'll be there June 13 and 20 performing Bruno Mars, The Beatles, Elvis and more, come hang out if you can! Also, I'm video hosting, so if you see me chase you with a mic, don't be afraid! To finish of this blog, here are some behind the scenes pics for my album, enjoy!:-Just

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Gigi is hot. :-P
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haha, i didn't realize Justin had such a hardcore fan base...
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