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Announcement: doomsday

Bad news dudes and dudettes,

One of my loves,

Has encountered...


It's the one thing that all xbox360 owners are afraid of..

Scott has been through about 3 machines..

My baby has lasted me for a long long time..

Finally.. a few days ago.. it kept crashing upon start up..

Now.. it doesn't even start up.. and the power button has a red ring instead of a green one..


Scott showed me a method of burn...Read more

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2 more gay pole pictures..

No more pictures with poles from now on!


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Happy 2nd bday AnD!

Hey wassup friends..

Sorry it's been a WHILE again.. almost a month or so of no AnD action.. but here I am with a few pics of the AnD 2nd anniversary party!

The party was awesome.. got to see everybody I wanted to see.. got to hear a few new bands.. got to hear my favorite groups do their thing again (24 herbs and hardpack!). The only thing that was not awesome was the special Belgium beer they were promoting.. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.. it had a good initial taste.. but weird after taste... anyway!<...Read more

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Miami beach..panties..

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-D0zR4jTos

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NBA.com party last night!

Last night we attended the NBA.com party at CLIQ

It was off the hook!

Good to see and chill with so many of you last night.. it was an AWESOME party wasn't it?

Arrived at 8pm.. the club was decked out with cool NBA posters.. Playstation 3 units, a Nokia demo stall, and to save the best for last.. we had hot dog, burger, and popcorn stalls! AND HUGE coolers full of gatorade and TSING TAO BEER!

I had 3 delicious hot dogs (1 in a bun and 2 on their own), 1 burger.. and about 5 beers! Thanks AnD for...Read more

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Jamming with Simon Yin

Took this off my brother, Simon's blog

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq1CEwKldA8 LOL LOVE IT


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Random phone pics time!

It's that special time of the month again!

Here's some stuff I wanna share with you.. because sharing is caring right?

So I am an amazing chef..

And I present to you.. The Justino Noodles! (Instant noodles with 2 polish sausages and 2 eggs):

Then I would say the next foods are by me too.. but I don't think I can fool you. I often take pics of the food...Read more

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The new way to pose in your photos..

Hey guys..

Been out and about a little too much lately so I haven't been on AnD.. but I have a few things coming your way... in the form of my next blogs!

First of all.. the new way for you to pose for your pictures:

Don't really remember what on earth we were doing.. but I really like this picture for some reason!

Those are 2 close friends...Read more

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Justin is excited to watch John Legend tonight!


Tonight's the night.. everything's feeling alright.. I need somebody to hold me tight.. hold me close in the disco lights.. I'll never let her out of my sights...she's the one coz she's so bright...

I have no idea what just happened.. I really meant to say tonight's the night!

Going to Macau.. again.. this time to watch Mr. John Legend!

And after that it's the WET pool party that's making me we.... not wet... I didn't say that but you were...Read more

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Trippy picture of me and Miss Ronald Mcdonald..

Hey guys!

So a while back it was DJ MISS YELLOW's BDAY at CLIQ, and I brought along one of my best friends from high school, Nat, and she has one of those cameras that takes trippy ass pictures! It's an old style one that uses film and you have to wind it up everytime, but it combines 2 or so pictures with a different color flash!

So that night I found my lover, Miss Ronald Mcdonald!

I proposed to her with my huge diamond ring (as it was also pimpin ain't easy night), but sh...Read more

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