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Happy bday to me!

So yesterday was my bday.. and it was a really great one.

Had a great lunch with family.. had a great dinner with my other family.. and got some awesome gifts!

Didn't plan anything big for last night.. just like doing something chill.. and ended up doing drunken gaming night at Scott's place with Mr. Ass and cool cat Rico, and of course it ended up with Mcdonalds buffet.. should have taken a picture of the $150 worth of burgers cut up into a nice platter..

Could NOT sleep.. drank way too much..mixed alcohol.....Read more

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Justin's tip on how to survive in the jungle..

Embrace yourselves..this is one of those "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH" vids.. especially at 1:18


btw- I advise against eating whilst watching this..




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more robot creepyness

To add to my past blogs of creepy robot advancements..Here is Yamaha's latest singing robot..Creepy.. but she's cute too! -JustVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF98a6mtLDA

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Time to get in touch with you all

Sheesh it's been ages again.. really been out of it with AnD! After the colliseum concerts I was bogged down with uni projects.. got them out of the way.. then totally relaxed out to the max.. now I'm bogged down with more projects! Won't be long though till I finally finish this 5 year double degree! So I'm a total geek.. I check engadget daily.. if not hourly.. and two new products I'm totally in love with..First..Limited edition Fender htc mytouch3g... known as htc MAGIC over here.. so nice! Never thou...Read more

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Gaypatty ruins my afternoon tea..

Chowpatty took this vid and sent it to me especially on the request that I should put it up..for the reason being.. the girls will love it you look really cute in it.. I don't know what to say..but I didn't get my sausages in the end.  -JustVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW5goNiQU90

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Chillin backstage at the Colliseum-Something Stupid

Hey guys,Still trying to round up all the pics from the concert to give you the grand tour, especially waiting for the pro ones done by the crew! Meanwhile here is a vid that gaypatty took on his nokia e71 phone, it'll give you a rough picture of what it was like backstage in our room.. and this was a quiet moment before we had crowds of friends and family! This is a duet of myself and Scottie's bride to be Ida, who if you didn't know, has a great voice and can sing real good.. check it out! (do...Read more

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4 nights perfoming at the HK colliseum..DONE

What a crazy past few weeks.. and what an awesome few nights it has been!

The Sam Hui concerts are over.. and perhaps over too soon! We were all just getting in the groove and getting crazy on stage!

Anyway.. LOADS of pics and vids coming your way..

But for now..

It's time for the video premiere of the first LIVE version of CHEEN CHEEN!

(Footage taken in our changing room bathroom with gaypatty filming..this is what we were doing whilst waiting to get on stage!)

...Read more

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Everybody say CHEEN CHEEN..blogging from the HK Colliseum!

YO guys. Haven't updated any of you for a while..I'm on Ryan's mac typing this in our dressing room in the colliseum for today.. for today is the FIRST day out of 4 singing as guest singer for my sifu Sam Hui and his show! And if you haven't seen the surprise video uploaded last night from Scottie..here it is!It's a remake of Sam's "cheen cheen" song done in English..with me on the vocals and Scott rapping it out! If you haven't seen it check it out..Video: Read more

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The Twelth of Never (Cover)

Hey guys,

Here's the next vid of the "In The Bedroom" series. Haha!

It's a beautiful beautiful love song.. originally done by Johnny Mathis.. also done by Elvis.. love both versions. Here is my own:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ9rTlWs5pc Hope you like it!


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2 more vids in the bedroom!

I told you I'd be coming back with more things for ya!

I think I'm going to name these vids as "Justin Lim In The Bedroom"..got a good ring.. no?

I've been inspired to make more vids.. just to share..because I care.. and because I want to get it down for the record..all the songs I can do! I know of this impersonator dude that has a Guinness world record for knowing all the lyrics of every Elvis song by memory... well so do I.. plus 1000 more that aren't Elvis.. sorry I'm just hoping t...Read more

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