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Mong Kok Sam Hui

Hey guys,

So I made it out to the Kowloon library yesterday.. and I found the book I needed! I was SO happy.. then I realized I couldn't take it out because it was in the REFERENCE section..meaning it has to stay there! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So I thought about photocopying.. but I couldn't see any around.. and I need the whole book.. thought it would be way too hectic to photocopy.. and it was a BIG BOOK TOO..

ANYWAY.. whilst I was around Mong Kok I visited my good friend Mr. JJL.. grabbed some burge...Read more

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Things you don't know about Justin..

Here's something that a lot of  you don't know..

I'm close to finishing up my BA double major degree in communications/management!

My university: Monash in Melbourne, Australia.

I transferred my course to correspondence so I can stay in Hong Kong to take care of the pimp business.. I mean what..

And today.. I need to go to the Kowloon library for a much needed book.. well it's either the one at Kowloon or Cheung Chau (for those of you that don't know that a friggin i...Read more

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It's random video time!

Hey guys,

Time for random video corner!

Okay first up, Scott and I pay a visit to Scottie's old friend from the states, Jae Chong, awesome producer who has done stuff for people like Coco Lee (met her that day too!) and LA Boyz. So on the way, we get lost in the wrong building..

note: note when we get in the elevator there's a bunch of people in there just staring at us and that's why I'm like.. "okay I should stop"..and Scott is going "help me".. "help me".. li...Read more

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Long time no see..

Was at Scott's house yesterday, we both realized I haven't been posting on here for a while.. sorry guys! Got a few things in my mind that I'm prepping for the next blogs though.. including my lil brother losing his balls, drunken song writing, and an introduction to my biggest collection...

Stay tuned for some crazy gay porn..


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I don't know what to think of this-part 2

I think I'm going to start this as a series!

So my last blog that was titled "I don't know what to think of this" included a youtube vid of that makeup girl going to great depths to accomplish a certain look..the point is I had no idea what to think of it.. I could comment it in a thousand ways..

Here's part two!

So one of my favorite oldies ever.. "Oh Carol" by Neil Sedaka... don't know what to think of this vid though..

Video: Read more

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A vid of me when I was 12..

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS0QjEeNYpM&feature=related

Okay not really.. but the kid is awesome huh! He's actually my son. . . . . . . . 


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Meet my little horny brother..

Hey guys.. here he is:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umcRETU6CmM Yup, that's what I get when I go over to my 2nd home, which is also Scottie's home!



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My pimp ring and vampire bites!

Okay so I wish I took photos the other night on DJ MISS YELLOW and RENE's Birthday because it was such an awesome night!

I did get some on facebook.. and I like this pic of me and my friend Annie..

You can't see it that clear.. but that's my "pimpin ain't easy" ring I'm wearing on my neck..it's real diamond and weighs a tonne.. no jokes.. . . ...Read more

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Justin is going to BEATLEMANIA..hungover


It's been a WHILE since my last personal blog.. and here's the latest.

Let me paint the scene.. 2 birthday parties went down last night.. DJ MISS YELLOW at CLIQ (PIMPIN AIN'T EASY) and Rene at Racks (VAMPIRE THEME!)..

Both were AWESOME.. props to everyone to making it such an awesome night!

Will post pics on my next blog.. for the pimp party I wore my pimp ring which is the size of a squash ball.. so I had to wear it on a chain around my neck.. and I didn&...Read more

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Martina Mcbride special fxed into my favorite Elvis concert!

Hey y'all,

Don't know if you've seen this:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ-t-ISUKn4 I really love it.

First of all it's my favorite song in my favorite concert done by the King.

Let me give you a brief insight on the concert, a piece of information that is vital to your knowledge of the history of rock n' roll.

Elvis Presley was tied down to a movie contrac...Read more

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