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Justin is back in HK, and back on alive!

YOOOOOOOOOO everybody!

Just got back to town last night at around midnight, got home and passed out until now..I was so tired!

I have a LOT to share with you guys, and sorry for not being able to come online as I never had a good chance to come on the computer....WAIT THAT SOUNDS BAD LET ME REPHRASE...sorry for the delay as I never had good access to an internet connection.. AHHHHHHH much better!

Anyway, I have pics and videos that I need to get my head around of how to sort them out..and they...Read more

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getting tipsy on AnD!

Okay so I'm drinking a little bit to help me sleep because I have to wake up around 7 tomorrow and my body clock is totally in like.. UK time zone or something..I'm normally sleeping around 3 and waking up like 11 ish..

Anyone ever get insomnia and can't sleep because you know you have to wake up early, and if you don't sleep early you're going to feel SO tired and groggy and miserable.. it's like an ironic cycle.. you can't sleep because you want to sleep..DEEP SH*T RIGHT!

BTW I don't re...Read more

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Found the other Justin Lim!

WOW no wonder my name was already taken..

http://www.alivenotdead.com/justinlim took it!

HAHa.. check out his lingerie pics.. on one of them I made up a new word to comment it..


no I'm not drunk. .


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i like this picture of me!

Scott's uncle from Hawaii is in town, he and I are a lot alike! WE LOVE ELECTRONICS AND GADGETS.. anyway he took this picture of me with his nice DSLR:

This is Royal Park hotel in Sha Tin, I like the red lanterns and the lights!



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goin away for a while!

YOOOOOOOOOO my brothas and sistas and children of all ages.

Just letting you know... i quit AnD.. hate it so much.. had a huge fight with patrick lee.. he's such a jackass..only because I wouldn't sleep with. . .

NO I'm really going to Macau tomorrow to prepare for my sifu Sam's show! We're doing the venetian! The show is actually on the 31st but we're going a few days early to settle in, rehearse, gamble, drink, eat portugese goodness and much more! Will def take loads of pics for you to see, an...Read more

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my first video..about my new sex toy..

Okay not really sex toy..

Made a video with my phone (nokia n85) that I wanted to share with nobody at all..but I put it up anyway because something is telling me to.. or someone.. anyway.. it's pretty RANDOM!


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJz4otlHA1M


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CNY randomness!

WASSUP everybody!

Here are phone pics I took in the past couple of days.. sorry the resolution is pretty crappy though.. used my nokia n85 (5 megapixel) phone (no product placement involved honestly) to take them!

At langham mall in Mong Kok they have an awesome arrangements of dragons in all sorts of colours on the main floor. This was my favorite:

Read more

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Hope you all are having an awesome time so far!

I've definitely been eating LOADS and walking around a LOT... going to upload my phone pics to show you all some cool CNY things I've encountered!

In the meantime, I wish you all a great CNY holiday!


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Snake soup with Sam

Yesterday I went to Ap Liu street to check the cool sh*t they have there with my brother and Scottie. Just so happens that Scottie's folks were there too to have some snake soup, supposedly one of the best places was right around the corner. So we tagged along, and me and my brother ended up having it for the first time.

It was GOOD.

Tasted like chicken, sounds cliche but true. 

So the snake meat tasted like chicken, and the soup tasted like sharks fin soup, altogether, along with these crackers you sprinkle ...Read more

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Thinking about this Elvis guitar..

Was in Tom Lee the other day, and saw this baby:

It's the replica of a very iconic guitar used by Elvis in the 70's:

It's actually pretty cheap, around two thousand something..problem is I have no space at home! I a...Read more

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