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My art work

I have did a pic today, we will use it on our HKPA group Tshirt, This is my frist art work, Hope you will like it.

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I miss wargame!

I miss wargame so mcuh!!! I havn't been wargame for an helf  year already! Today, I back toRead more

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I hate valentines day!

**I love you, always....i don't mind to tell everyone how you make me crazy and make me stupid....

3 years since I know you, till now, you never say yes, you said:"I'll be your fans, but not girlfriend."

3 years till now, I still love you.... The most beautiful things is the things never can get it....

You are beautiful.

I hope can kiss you and hold you in my arms last night, I hate valentines day!

I love you ... I never give up on you.....even you always make me sad...

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To all athlete:

To all athlete:

We are not useless, we challenge ourself!!

We are not nerd, we know what we doing, we got people admire us!!

We are not a loeser, we triumph over ourself!!

We are not a fool, we know why we're  here!!

We are not weird, we fight for our dreams!!

We are not failure, enjoy what we doing, we fight for dreams, someday will make it!

We are not cockamamie, we keep progress everyday.

We are not alone, we support each other, we fight together, we are all the same!!May ...Read more

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HKPA X Acupunture TV commercial

Yo!! Check what we done! This is a TV commercial,  present by HKPA, for the brand "Acupunture ", it will on show in CHINA and Hong Kong!! This is really cool video, during the fliming, there is just 4 degree, we fliming in the rain, everywear is wet, and we just can wearing a short- tee! That's #$^&* cold!! I keep sheaking dring the fliming, we fliming outside at SHANGHAI, the winds like a moster and keep hiting my face! We almost can't get back to HK! Coz we just check in at the last 5 mins!  Any...Read more

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HKPA 飛躍道

HKPA!! 我們的名字! 我們成立了年多, 走過來的路, 有血有汗, 由0到今天, 一年的時間, 坦白講, 我們成長的很快, 不敢和世界級的Parkour隊伍比較, 可是, 我們總叫在Parkour世界中得到了好些人的認同, 認識了不少的高手, 朋友, 做到了Parkour的理念, 做到了Parkour的味道, 這條影片, 是我們努力的成果, 你會覺得動作不甚利害, 實際上, 我們和世界上好多的團隊尚有好遠的距離, 不過, 我們相信, 只要努力, 就能成功。我們為的不是成名, 是享受Parkour的快樂, 將這快樂帶給別人。 影片中除了Parkour, 我們加入了體操的影片, 可是我們做的空番都是Parkour的專項空番, 希望大家會喜歡我們的影片, 希望你們會有日加入我們!


HKPA!! Name of our crew! We form for a year, that's a way full of sweat and strive, from 0 till now, be honest, we grow up very quick, not enough to compare w...Read more

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Wahooooo!! Our new Video!

Yo! Hi all! so happy that our new video is on show!

This is a video we just flim for 2 days, we doing Parkour on the street in HK, also, during we fliming the police is come to us also, they are not like a police and they more like a Gangster!

In this video, we doing flips, but, flips that's just a trickz and that's not substance of Parkour.

Hope you all will like it, and we are doing other videos now, hope can coming out soon!

Video: Read more

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6-1-2008 Capoeira Show

Eu Sou Capoeirista! We have just done a capoeira show on 6/1/2008, let's check out our show at:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=NEf-lPuC5Yk http://youtube.com/watch?v=Lr40x75-qZg http://youtube.com/watch?v=K0zaTh0rhiA


http://youtube.com/wa...Read more

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28-12-07 AND DJ Show

...Read more

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2008 X'MAS

This is a Fxxking boreding and  lonely X'mas,  I just saty at home at waitching japanese anime, the robot is awesome! Um, I just broke up with the girl, and I miss the ex. But that;s mean nothing, coz they are having fun with someone. Last night, the documentary of out team is on show, so, today I just keep doing the computer job to put it on the youtube, and keep sending email to somebody time them we got a tranning on 26. That;s a relly nice X'mas~huh?

Yo, let's check out our d...Read more

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