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HKPA X Acupunture TV commercial

Yo!! Check what we done! This is a TV commercial,  present by HKPA, for the brand "Acupunture ", it will on show in CHINA and Hong Kong!! This is really cool video, during the fliming, there is just 4 degree, we fliming in the rain, everywear is wet, and we just can wearing a short- tee! That's #$^&* cold!! I keep sheaking dring the fliming, we fliming outside at SHANGHAI, the winds like a moster and keep hiting my face! We almost can't get back to HK! Coz we just check in at the last 5 mins!  Anyways, that's a relly fun job, we meet the SHANGHAI B-BOY crew also,  let me show you the video here, I hope you can find me in the video! Let's play a game, if u can find me, give me a message, I will give you a kiss , but for girl only! Parkour for life!!!





Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=6rwyh4_gn2g




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HAHAHAHHA!!! I thought it was you guys! Guess who wrote the soundtrack???? Respect always.. Don
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