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HKPA 飛躍道

HKPA!! 我們的名字! 我們成立了年多, 走過來的路, 有血有汗, 由0到今天, 一年的時間, 坦白講, 我們成長的很快, 不敢和世界級的Parkour隊伍比較, 可是, 我們總叫在Parkour世界中得到了好些人的認同, 認識了不少的高手, 朋友, 做到了Parkour的理念, 做到了Parkour的味道, 這條影片, 是我們努力的成果, 你會覺得動作不甚利害, 實際上, 我們和世界上好多的團隊尚有好遠的距離, 不過, 我們相信, 只要努力, 就能成功。我們為的不是成名, 是享受Parkour的快樂, 將這快樂帶給別人。 影片中除了Parkour, 我們加入了體操的影片, 可是我們做的空番都是Parkour的專項空番, 希望大家會喜歡我們的影片, 希望你們會有日加入我們!


HKPA!! Name of our crew! We form for a year, that's a way full of sweat and strive, from 0 till now, be honest, we grow up very quick, not enough to compare with some world-class crew, but, at least we got respect with some people. We know some really good Parkour player, we know some new friends, we did the philosophy of Parkour, we did the Parkour. This video is the fruitful results of our strive, you will not think that is a amazing movement, be honest we still have a big distance with much Parkour team, but, we trust if you belive, if u strive to make it, you will. We are not wanna be a superstar, we just wanna enjoy the happy from parkour, and share this joyous to other people. In this video, we have edit some gymnastics video inside, but, about the flips, that's all are filps of  Parkour. We hope you will like this video, hope you will join us someday!  


Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=KvC3BUAyViU


我們上一條影片"I love HK"已被HK YOUTUBE放於香港Youtube的首頁, 在此感謝香港youtube團隊。

Our last video"I love HK" already put on the front page of HK youtube, thanks for HK Youtube crew!


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keep going on! 掂呀!!
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