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My new tattoo. 我的新紋身

**my new tattoo:

This is my second tattoo, be strong to be useful, is the philosophy of Parkour.

Be stong to be useful, mean that you should make yourself strong, than use your ability on something meaningful, like helping people.

That's not only make your body strong, mind, skill, conviction.... ect. You need to be strong inside and outside, you should make your body strong, then you got  enough force to do something to help someone, but you also need to make your mind stong, never give up on something you tr...Read more

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BLOG: 4月4日

3月29日YOUTUBE 愛香港 fun享 party

我們飛躍道非常有幸能於<>的影片比賽中, 分別於"獨立影片"和"精彩片段"2個組別中都得獎, 這無疑是對我們的信念我和我們的熱誠的認同, 得到別人的欣賞, 對我們所堅持的, 有別人去認同, 這比獎品, 榮耀更重要。

<> 是一個以愛香港為主題的影片比賽, 目的是希望香港人用影片記下自己身邊的事物, 用YOUTUBE來向其他人展示出自己眼中的香港是怎樣, 你為什麼愛香港。比賽分為2個組別, 分別是"獨立影片"和"精彩片段", 飛躍道分別以"飛躍道"和"I  Love  HK" 參加了2個組別的比賽,幸能2條影片都得到獎項, 最重要的不是獎項本身, 或是獎品, 而是得到別人的認同。

於3月29日晚上, 香港YOUTUBE 舉行了一個得獎者的分享會, 當晚有不同的隊伍和得獎者表演, 飛躍道是第一隊出場的, 亦有上台分享, 以下是香港 YOUTUBE 方面將當晚的盛況剪輯而成的花絮和我們得獎的影片, 希望香...Read more

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Just back from Capeira session.

Today I  have take some pic of our class:


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Audiotraffic, Respect always.

I got their CD, I am so lucky I can do something for them, someone really love music, someone really enjoy music, I'm proud of I'm in their MV, I'm proud  of  i can be a fans of them, I'm so lucky I can meet them,  10 years, the CD is here! You can see them in HMV, Cds shop, magazine, TV, even on Bus!

Unlucky, I miss their LIVE for 2 times, finally I can't be there! So sXit! Anyways, I am so happy I can meet them, Audiotraffic, Respect always!

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Capoeira Workshop

This is a workshop in March, I'm so busy in this 2 week! My capoeira teacher come from USA and have a workshop for us, u can see what we do in the roda, but, I need to train more hard, coz I wanna be better, u can see my movment wans't that pretty, and I need to train more hard in RODA, roda is mean a battle game in Capoeira, next time we will do it better and make a better video, let's see!


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session on 13-3-08

Today we just did a session, there are just a few people so we keep moving around and doing parkour, so happy that we can see the student is so good! They are awesome! Everyone try something they never did, and they done, they train hard, and keep carry on, now we can see they become better and better, he are all just star of few mouth, but, they are so ggod and growing up so quick, let's see what happening next time!!

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East Asian Games Performance

**9-3-08, I just did a show with my crew, in tst, that's should be a great show, but, I don't like it, the performance area is so damn small!

there are just 16" X 16", even we can't run, itt make our movement going so bad!! I don't think that's a good show, anyways, we should keep doing that.

I have try to do more  movement and flow, but, I can't do anythings coz I have no speace, I hopw next time I can be more ggod and we can do movement even there's no speace!

Here i...Read more

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Just done a new video for HKPA

Just done a video for my crew- HKPA, this time is a individual video,  for HKPA Traucer- Steven, he show us what is the real parkour, he really star at point a and keep doing parkour to point b, this is Parkour! Respect! You can see that in the video, there is no trickz, just some movement really useful and functional, parkour is a things let you to "point to point", that isn't a thing let you show off during you running.

Check the video here: 

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how come!?

How come? What's the matter with me and Alex??? There is something wrong!!! LoL!!!!

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My Second art work.

After I make one, I still keep doing the pic for our t-shirt, today, I've make the other 2 pic, but, I think that wans't taht good, I still love the frist one. Anyways, I will keep trying do a better one. Hope you'll think taht's cool.

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