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48 Crazy hours.

**Sunday night we have been to AND bridthady party, Thx all the DJ did a great show,  DJ Kid Fresh did a beat make we dance, we the space was too small, I can't doing capoeira as well. . . I will be better next time. . Must crazy things there, crazy good dancing girl, crazy good DJ, Crazy good show like MCG, 24 Herbs, INK, Gold Mountain, Crazy good Aive not dead, and crazy RED BULL !!!!

I have take for 6 or more red bull last night, it make people really going crazy! I'm really love red bull, but, not any more!! Coz I still ne...Read more

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My toy dance crew

This is my Danceing crew!!!

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I just go doing parkour last night, doing parkour around Wong Tai Sin. I have film some video, and I edit that with the background music "Happy?", that is a song by a really good band Auidotriffic, and I'm in that MV, last time we doing parkour in the music vdieo, this time, I make my video with this great song, but, that's just for fun, later, we will have a awesome video with this song again. I hope audiotriffic will see it .

During the session, I dorp my ...Read more

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OMG! I meet yamakasi!!!

OMG! I can't belive he's here! Yesterday I meet a people, this is a man make me star to do parkour, now, Parkour is a main part of my dream, this guy make me know who I am, he is William Belle form Yamakasi.

Yestaerday we meet william Belle in HK, he come and train with us, he is so nice and friendy! I can't belive I am facing with him! He did some training with us, and we have fun! He is really really good, his thinking like what we belive,  helping people, be strong to be useful, he told us must to remember Parko...Read more

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Help my friends did a school project.

This is a school project of a commercial student in HKCT, they use this video to sell a fake sporty shoes call "Air Bomb", and they just flim something during we train, even that's not a pro-level and not that good, but I happy for I can help my friends, "Be Strong, To Be Useful", parkour is teach you how to hlep someone, I love use parkour to help someone or do something meaningful.

ps. But I don't like there is too...Read more

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You can get this magazine in Alive Not Dead now! This also is a online magazine , you can read this on youtube also! What you waiting for!? Let's get it!!! (even you already watch it =P)


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Our interview on Merto.

This is a story writen by Julia Dimon, she is a world traveler,I meet her last year when she come to HK to fliming us. That was a really funny fliming, our visoe just on show at last night 10 o'clock in canada, I will put ot on here when we get it, but now, just check out the Merto frist,


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Because I'm sad, so I have an alien head.

I am sad, really sad, so, I cut all my hair, do some funny thing when I am sad. After I cut all my hair, I know I am really an alien~! I have a stupid face and an alien head!

Coz I'm sad, so do something stupid,people always do something stupid when they're sad, but I am more crazy! I don't know how can I get over of this, I think I am too stupid, but, anyways, I will keep going, I will keep waiting, yes th...Read more

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飛躍道搖搖!!! HKPA'S YOYO!!!

最近認識了一班練習搖搖的好手, 用他們的抱抱改裝成為了飛躍道的搖搖, 還請了名為"低手"的搖搖好手示範一系列的花式, 令人目定口呆!!!

Just meet some really good YOYO player in HK, I make their YOYO to be HKPA's YOYO, and a really good YOYO player call "not good", he use that YOYO to show some YOYO trickz for us!!!!



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我的個人影片-自作自售 vol.4

**Hi all!

This is my own video!

Repersent by Govad and Madeinhk, 自作自售vol.4!

Um...this is my frist own video, I have doing the filming for a few mounth, but because there are just 10 mins, I can't put all the things into the video, I hope I can did the other better one later.

This is a video all talk about myself, I have tell "why I do that" in the vdieo, um.... I made this video because I hope to tell everybody why I doing that, always, somebody said "you look so great", always people ...Read more

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