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32 years old.....

Yeah, today i'm 32 years old!!!! WOW....

What can i say about that? time goes too fast ,that's for sure!!

I dont really feel i'm 32 years old...Even my two brothers look more older than me -_- (i'm the older one...).

Lets see what i will do tonight...mhhh, just stay home watch again Back to the future trilogy!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Thanks to my friends for your wishes!!! ^___^

PS: ah yes and its my 5th years in Shanghai also... and in 3 month, i'm gonna  leave Shanghai for Beijing.

im gonna to miss Shanghai!!! ...........Maybe...

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haha ...
almost 14 years ago
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Bon anniversaire! :)
almost 14 years ago
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Happy Birthday Zhou! 32 ain't nothing man... You're as young as you feel you are...! Have a great one! :) Best Wishes, Alan
almost 14 years ago
Jlimphotography 21 of 146
happy birthday !
almost 14 years ago
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Happy Birthday! Don't let anyone make you think the party is over at 32. I've partied harder and louder this past year at the age of 32 than when I was 23. All the best man!
almost 14 years ago
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shit I am 33
almost 14 years ago


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