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The Drunken Master experience

"The goal of a human being is to actualize onself"-Bruce Lee There can be no greater quote that fits the experience of meeting screen legend Jackie Chan than the one stated above by Bruce Lee. As fans were selected worldwide, I was fortunate to have been one of the lucky ones to join Jackie Chan and his international your of friendship and love in China. I was already planning to go back to China to visit friends and former students but when the email arrived stating I could be part of Jackie Chan's 60th birthday celebration, I said " why the hell not?"Jackie Chan portrayed many characters over the years but many recognize him as the Drunker Master and seeing fans worldwide take pictures and yell out how much they care and love him, I think the feeling is mutual. He was overwhelmed with 700 fans for his private gathering, and that includes me in the group. From Beijing to Shanghai, the experience was a way to connect with people from all walks of life. That to me was the ultimate goal of this experience. It was not just seeing Jackie Chan in person but seeing how we all became a family and Jackie Chan being the leader of the group if you will. He has provided many people with hope to overcome fears, personal hardships and the goal of keeping focused to win. I could see that in his sincerity and honesty when speaking to us in a private room and the first thing after all the cheers was Jackie saying " I want to cry." He was touched deeply by everyone. There can be no greater feeling than that of honesty in a human being. And Jackie Chan embodies this to the fullest extent. I hope to work with him in a film soon to experience movie magic and the connecting of minds to help promote the joining of different cultures and races to make this world a better place to live. 

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